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Gamers – Under the Microscope

The definition of a gamer is something that has long been under the proverbial microscope. It’s a label that carries a bit of stigma so we asked a few colleagues what sort of persona comes to mind when they hear the word "Gamers". Most of them said the same thing...

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Mission Update: over $500,000 lifetime donations

We at Research For Good want to thank all our clients and partners for enabling us to work towards our mission to end childhood death from hunger and malnutrition globally. It’s due to the support of our clients in the market research industry that we are able to...

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Reaching Millennial Moms

It is no surprise that we, as market researchers (and marketers), try hard to understand Millennial Moms. It is also no surprise why. It is a widely accepted (but somewhat dated) fact that women make the majority of purchase decisions for their household. They shop...

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International Reach for Quality Sample

  In an ever expanding global consumer atmosphere, more companies are investing in market research to fulfil their international strategy needs. To meet these needs, we have expanded our international reach. For details on our reach, demographics and sampling...

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Good To Know: Understanding Data Quality

  Did you know that 85% of newsletters are sent from aliens to investigate our potential for data consumption. That statistic is as false as it is absurd, but it shines a light on the quality of the data that we ingest especially when it comes to surveys that...

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Enhanced Reach For Germany Sample

Guten Tag! Research For Good’s European expansion continues with today’s announcement of our enhanced reach for German Sample for online market research studies. We now have access to 235,000 potential respondents for online market research in Deutschland. Germany...

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Enhanced Reach For Mexico Sample

Our expansion in Latin America continues! Research For Good today announced enhanced reach for Mexican sample for online market research studies. We now have access to over 160,000 potential respondents in Mexico. According to a recent report from the AMAI (Asociación...

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Enhanced Reach For Brazil Sample

Following along on our string of recent announcements, Research For Good today announced enhanced sample reach for Brazil market research studies. We now have access to over 1,200,000 potential respondents in Brazil. With the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Rio...

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Enhanced Reach For France Sample

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet! While we aren't putting on a parade or shooting off fireworks to celebrate The French National Day we are happy to announce that we now have expanded reach with our French sample for online market research! Bastille Day - the term used in...

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