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The Baby Boomer generation is currently the wealthiest generation right now, which suggests why they are still arguably  hot property for market researchers. Even in their grand age of 55-75 we’re still interested in finding out more about their behaviour, interests and spending habits. So what about a typical day in their life? Recently we asked the same set of questions to millennial and Gen Z to find out more about what they get up to…

 Want to know how a Baby Boomer’s day compares? Check out our 5 key findings below and download the full infographic for more info!

💼 Work Life: The art of conversation is slowly dwindling away (particularly in the workplace). 35.15% of the Baby Boomers we asked prefer to wind down during their lunch break by chatting with their colleagues. A past-time unsurprisingly becoming less common amongst the generations that succeeds, with the majority of Gen Z (41%) and Millennials (37.30)% instead opting to scroll through their social feeds. 

😀 Personality Traits: Reliability is a trait that becomes more prominent with age, with this trait topping the personality traits of Baby Boomers (85%) and Millennials (59.18%), yet not featuring in the top traits of Gen Z. Additionally, Baby Boomers see themselves as ‘down-to-earth’’ (73.75%) and ‘friendly’ (66.88%). These top traits are shared across each generation, however interestingly, is significantly greater amongst Baby Boomers, when compared to the 65.52% of Gen Z’s and 55.70% of Millennials who see themselves as ‘friendly’, and 62.07% of Gen Z’s and 55.70% of Millennials who see themselves as ‘down-to-earth’. 

✅ Life Satisfaction: It’s good news for Baby Boomers! On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being dissatisfied and 5 being satisfied), we asked how satisfied they are with their lives, with just over half (52%) being completely satisfied and selecting 5. What’s better? The results from Millennials and Gen Z suggests that we all have something to look forward to!  With both generations falling just slightly behind with complete life satisfaction at 45%, could life satisfaction be something that increases with age? 

☕ Coffee Drinkers: If you thought that Millennials loved caffeine, think again! Baby Boomers are a generation of coffee lovers with 82% drinking coffee regularly in comparison to 76% of Gen Z and Millennials. However, you’ll be more likely to spot a Millennial drinking coffee when you’re next strolling down the sidewalk in town, with 89% of Millennials regularly venturing out for their caffeine kick, in comparison to the 32% of Baby Boomers preferring their coffee at home.

🎥 Movie Watching: You wouldn’t want to be in the room when a Baby Boomer, Millennial and Gen Z are trying to decide on what genre of film to watch together! When it comes to preferred movie choices, you’ll find Baby Boomers opting for a drama (21.2%), Millennials swaying to the action category (22.8%) and Gen Z scoping for a classic comedy (24.4%).

To find out more about the day in the life of a Baby Boomer and what they get up to from the beginning, to the end of their day download the infographic below!  

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A Day in The Life of A Typical Baby Boomer: Infographic

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