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Since setting up shop, RFG have surfed the fast-paced waves of MRX industry change.

Today, as trends like Automation, AI, and VR, continue to transform how tech-savvy people share their insights, we believe researchers not only need rich, quality sample, but they need it from a sample and fieldwork solution that oversees the lifecycle of their online survey.

RFG should be that supplier! Not only do we provide reliable, quality online sample. We also offer industry standard Survey Programming services to optimize the surveys you use to gather the sample you need.

Here are seven awesome ways our full online research offering can benefit you.


You’ll get quality, representative data, you can trust with your life.

Whether you need quality sample, and/or Programming and Host features, we’ve got your back. Our programmers are licenced in Decipter by Focus Vision, Confirm It, and LimeSurvey, and more. They’ve perfected sophisticated targeting functionality that validates the suitability of each and every respondent, before they can interact with your survey.

And with 22 million potential respondents dotted across 13 countries, you’ll capture insight from the target audience you need, no matter how niche!

The respondents you target will more openly share the insight you need.

We know from experience that every client has different survey requirements. We also understand that a great survey experience boasts quality respondent data. Using innovative, interactive components like text highlighting, virtual shopping carts, and magazine covers, our surveys stimulate the right respondents at the right time; they also increase engagement, improve participation, and counter survey fatigue.

This means the insight you get via RFG is spotlessly clean, all accurate, and completely unbiased. Which frees up more time for other tasks that resurface constantly on your lengthy list of to-dos.

The MRX migraines you experience will be a thing of the past.

There’s huge time, cost, and administrative effort, involved in dealing with one company for sample, and another for Survey Programming services. If you work with RFG, there’s no longer a need; because we take care of everything!

No longer do clients have to pay a separate company to manage the development and lifecycle of surveys. From Programming, Hosting, Data Collection, Data Processing, and Data Delivery, we see your surveys from ideas on a page right through to live surveys yielding awesome insight. This means you’ll have one point of contact at RFG, who’ll go to the end of the earth to manage your projects, saving you time and money.

Respondents using mobile devices will think you’re awesome.

Our surveys are considerate of respondents using mobile phones. Rigorous in-field survey checks ensure only those using compatible mobile devices are selected and optimized for your survey.

This means your surveys can be completed by the right respondents, at the right time, as they go about their daily business.

You’ll never have to enlist the help of an expert to crunch numbers.

We know first-hand how stressful it can be to juggle the many responsibilities of a market researcher. With our full online service, you’ll have uninterrupted access to industry-leading tools that help you tabulate and visualize your sample. Our experienced data processing team has experience with a variety of tools and software packages, including SPSS, Quantum, MS Access, and MS Excel.

Using tables, charts, OE coding, and custom data reports, you’ll not only get quality sample, but intuitive tools that’ll help you formulate insights, calculate statistics, and plan your best next steps.

You’ll have access to a range of professional localization services.

RFG surveys aren’t just available in English. If you’ve got project requirements to present a survey in other languages, we’ve got the industry experience in the localization of digital content. And this is something we’re happy to take care of.

This means your surveys (and your data) isn’t pigeonholed to one audience. Which means the representative data you need for a specific study isn’t affected whatsoever as a result of misinterpretation.

The sample you need will be of the best quality you’ll find.

We know first-hand that messy sample littered with biased results costs you more time and money. That’s why we’ve devised a three-tier quality standard known as, ‘The Three Pillars of Quality Sample’.

This means that when it comes to needing consistent, quality data, we’ve got the capabilities in place to source responsible respondents more trustworthy than your childhood friends. And you don’t have to burn time and money scrubbing clean the data you pay for.

At RFG, we know that quality people, plus quality service, equals quality sample.

We can bring you full service and sample with a smile, and cater to your every quantitative research need.

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