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Millennials… their habits, attitudes and behaviours are increasingly being put under the microscope, and we can’t get enough of learning more about them!  

So, to get a picture of their lifestyle, we wanted to see what a typical day in the life of a millennial looked like from the moment they wake up, to the minute they go to sleep. Here’s what we found out!

Wake up – Rise and shine! Just over a third (34.8%) of millennials wake up between 6am-7am, with 7.6% being late risers and waking up after 10am.

Breakfast – How do you like your eggs in the morning? Accompanied with cereal it seems! Given the option of multi-select, we found that the top three foods amongst millennials for breakfast were eggs (62%), cereal (60%) and bread including bagels and muffins (50%).

Coffee – 34% of millennials spend over $10 when going out for coffee, with iced coffee being the tipple of choice by 15% of millennials – the most popular type of coffee drink!

Work – Most millennials (37%) spend their lunch break scrolling through their social feeds, with face-to-face social interaction coming second with 27.5% using the lunch break as an opportunity to chat with colleagues.

Personality Traits – How would you describe millennials? According to those asked, the top 4 traits that millennials see themselves as include reliable, easy-going, friendly and down-to-earth.

Life Satisfaction – It’s good news for millennials… at least 45% of them, who say they are satisfied with their life as a whole these days.

Movies – Growing up in the age of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant, it’s no surprise that 27% of millennials watch 3-4 movies a week, with 23% favoriting Action movies.  

Eating Habits – 93% of millennials will have take out/eat out at least once a week, and interestingly 6% will have 7 or more a week – which works out as at least 1 a day! Millennials are a generation of cake lovers, and 44% of them have cake at least once a week, with chocolate being the most popular choice of cake amongst 36% of them!

Bed – 36% of millennials asked go to bed between 10pm-11pm on average, whilst 9.6% go to bed before 9pm, ready to do it all again in the morning.

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