Female’s Clothes Buying Behavior

Female’s Clothes Buying Behavior

How often do you indulge in a spot of retail therapy? When you fancy a splurge on the latest seasonal trends? Or is the idea of shopping and trying out clothes your idea of a nightmare? 

We asked a group of women about their clothes spending and purchasing habits to find out more about why they shop, what’s important to them when purchasing an item and how much they spend when they do!

Reaching 400 U.S. females with an age split of 18-24, 25-39, 40-54, and 55-75, here’s just a snippet of what we found out…

To start, we asked the group of women “How much do you spend on clothes for yourself per month” and found that 24% spend over $100 a month, that’s just under a quarter of females spending at least $1200 a year.

To learn more about their most recent purchase, we asked “What was the motivation behind your most recent clothing purchase for yourself”, and found that 26% purchased an item of clothing specifically for an upcoming event.

Asking “What is the most important factor that you consider when purchasing a new item of clothing for yourself?” it might come as no surprise that the overall majority factor when considering a purchase was the “cost” of the item, while “how the item fits” comes in at second-place by over a fifth of the females asked.

How does your clothes buying behaviour compare? 

Download the report below and receive the full breakdown of results split by age.

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July Perfect Time To Talk Trackers

July Perfect Time To Talk Trackers

There has never been a better time to talk trackers than right-now… literally – right now! We propose July as Tracker Month – why? Easy… here are 5 Reasons July is the perfect month to start talking about Trackers with potential new (and current) sample suppliers…



Discussions now give suppliers enough time to ramp recruitment for big fall pushes and incorporate your needs into strategic planning for next year

Should you come to find out that your current sample suppliers won’t be able to fill all of your needs, you can start vetting and testing new ones now, during the slower summer months, to be ready to go full throttle in Q4. Much better than scrambling to bring in a new supplier in November when the ball is already rolling and suppliers are already full-out. 

When is the last time you thoroughly vetted your suppliers for quality, service, speed, agility and understanding of their recruitment methods? Sample supply is moving quickly to continuously tap into new sources of respondents, if you haven’t had a conversation with your supplier about their recruitment philosophy and quality controls, now is the time to have that discussion

Development cycles – need something funky? Need a supplier to integrate a third-party data source, develop the ability to source respondents to participate in new platforms or with delayed payouts, now is the time to start discussing any tech needs you may have, and any capability enhancements suppliers have in their dev. Queue in order to get your needs prioritized. 

Future-proof your tracker. Sampling is evolving, people are evolving. WHere people are willing to engage with surveys and research is changing. Attention is the hottest commodity on the internet. Is your tracker keeping up? If you’re struggling with declining response rates, a shortage of sample to hit volumes or difficult quotas, there is no better time than now to start considering:

  • How do my sample supplier and I partner to ensure we’re capturing attention?
  • Can I make the research experience better for the respondent?
  • Do I have reasonable expectations of my participants and are they being compensated adequately?
  • Am I prepared for the evolution of devicy types partiicpating in research? People’s attention is moving beyond mobile, have you considered how voice will play into your sampling strategy next year? Video? Gaming consoles? 
  • Is your sample supplier working from a technology platform that will allow them to evolve with the population such that they can continue to capture attention wherever that may be?

Let’s Get Tracking!

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5 Reasons to Partner With RFG

5 Reasons to Partner With RFG

Throughout the years we’ve established what’s important to our clients to make sure that we’re at the top of our game when it comes reliability, responsiveness and really awesome data!

It’s those years of experience of listening, adapting and innovating that makes us confident in saying that aside from our quality, we can offer a partnership that stands out from the rest.

Need some convincing? Here are 5 reasons why you should get in touch with RFG today…


Our industry moves fast, so why are we still OK with waiting longer than a blockbuster film to get a response to a bid? For us, delivering a quick bid turnaround is something that goes without saying. In as quick as 2 hours our experienced PM team could take your project’s specs, evaluate and get a quote back to you, or even have your project live! Don’t believe us? Get in touch and see…

Conference factor location
Conference factor cost


Busy Day? Had a last-minute project come through and need a responsive supplier who actually answers the phone? Our experienced and friendly support crew are on hand to help you out! We see ourselves as an extension of your team and work  24/5 during weekdays, and 8am-7pm EST on weekends to lighten your load!



At RFG we thrive off new challenges. We’re passionate about what we do and so love going above and beyond to streamline or optimize your projects. Whether it’s a time-sensitive project or an audience that seems unreachable we can make it happen. Check out our case study on Quota Maximization on a project we worked on recently to see our solutions in action!

Conference factor theme
Conference factor Network


We don’t believe that a consumer should be forced to pay a fee for not spending the desired amount – you don’t do it buying groceries, so why do it buying sample? At RFG no project is too small. If you’re struggling to fill existing projects or to get those last few completes, we’re ready to jump in and get them for you with no project minimum fees attached!


Want to get awesome sample, plus do a little good in the process? Our unique 1 for 1 model allows you to give back and help end world hunger. Since 2016, 100% of our donations through our 1 complete = 1 donation model has gone to our charity partner Action Against Hunger. To learn more about our model and how your research can go further check out our mission.

Conference factor ROI

Want to see what Research For Good can do for you?

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Attitudes to Recreational Marijuana Use

Attitudes to Recreational Marijuana Use

Whether you’re for, against or undecided on the legalisation of marijuana, there’s no escaping the topic in the U.S. right now. So for our recent study we asked a sample of U.S. respondents living in states where it’s not currently legal for recreational use about their thoughts and views on the substance…

View the study below to find out:

  • Where marijuana places against alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and sugar in its negative impact on the body.
  • What is believed to be the greatest benefit when consuming marijuana.
  • The level of interest to consume marijuana if it was to be legalized.

Want to launch a project to find out the attitudes, views or perception of any topic? Our experienced team are on hand to make your budgets go further, assist with time sensitive projects and get insights for those harder to reach audiences. Request a quote now and have your projects up and running in just 2 hours!

Research On Research: Incentives

Research On Research: Incentives

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” And as much as he is spot on, we, at Research For Good, do not think the two are mutually exclusive…

Every time one of our trusted respondents completes a survey, not only do they get their own personal reward, but we also make a corporate donation to our charity partner, Action Against Hunger.

It is this combination of incentives (Personal Reward & Charitable Donation) – that makes RFG stand out from the crowd – so much so, that we put our sample to the test.

We asked an independent researcher to compare different incentives and run this survey by 1,200 people via four different sample companies.

The survey was designed to ask respondents about their preferences when it comes to how they are thanked for participating in surveys. The incentive models we tested were:

  • Cash/Gift Cards only
  • Charitable Donation only
  • Cash/Gift Card + Charitable Donation (set amount)
  • Cash/Gift Card OR Charitable Donation (respondent selects some or all of their earning to be given to charity)

The results are in and the majority (49%) of the respondents say that their preference of incentive is when there is a combination of Cash/Gift Card plus a Charitable Donation – while 43% of respondents prefer cash only. (2% selected Charity Only and 6% selected no preference).

What’s more, as the donation to charity is a corporate made one from RFG, and the respondent’s reward is not affected at all, our incentive model appeals to 92% of respondents!

The participants’ prefered option of incentive model is the very backbone of the RFG business ethos: provide great insights for research, respect the respondent & end world hunger.

The way we look at it: if the incentive provided does not affect the cost or quality of the sample, then it is a win-win for everyone to provide a fair reward for the respondent and also a corporate donation to charity.

Interested in learning more about this research, the RFG incentive model and how your next study can not only deliver great insights but also feed the hungry… then make sure you say hi!