Millennials New Year’s Resolutions.

Millennials New Year’s Resolutions.

For some moms, the perfect holiday could mean a relaxing three-day wellness retreat with girlfriends or a family holiday consisting of sand-castles and popsicles. Either way, for most mothers a holiday is a staple in the calendar year.

We wanted to find out what some moms were planning in 2019 for their holiday, so we focused on those who are also the financial decision-makers for their house – and asked these three questions.

  • How much do you expect to spend this year on all potential holidays?
  • What holidays are you planning to take this year?
  • What’s the most important factor when deciding on a holiday?

Our slick little white paper shows the details of who said what about where… and you can get some teasers below. 

Whether it’s 1 holiday or 4, we wanted to understand how much mothers will be spending this year. By asking “How much do you expect to spend this year on all potential holidays?” (Travelling, food, accommodation etc) we discovered that 25% will be expecting to spend $1000-$1999.

Asking the multi-select question of “what holidays are you planning to take this year?” we found a huge 75% of mothers said that they will be taking a family holiday, whilst only 18% said they will be taking an adventure holiday.

There’s a lot to consider when arranging a holiday, so we asked “what’s the most important factor when deciding on a holiday?” with location (36%) appearing to be the most popular, and duration being a less important factor to consider (3%)

If you want to find out how these moms compare – with breakdowns of 1, 2 and 3+ kids, then download our white paper below.

RFG is an online sample and fieldwork solutions and if you are looking to reach mothers, we want to know! With over 22 million respondents in 13 countries Say Hi to speak to our friendly and experienced team so that we can support your projects for 2019.


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7 Ways You Can Benefit from Our Online Sample and Fieldwork Solutions.

7 Ways You Can Benefit from Our Online Sample and Fieldwork Solutions.

Since setting up shop, RFG have surfed the fast-paced waves of MRX industry change.

Today, as trends like Automation, AI, and VR, continue to transform how tech-savvy people share their insights, we believe researchers not only need rich, quality sample, but they need it from a sample and fieldwork solution that oversees the lifecycle of their online survey.

RFG should be that supplier! Not only do we provide reliable, quality online sample. We also offer industry standard Survey Programming services to optimize the surveys you use to gather the sample you need.

Here are seven awesome ways our full online research offering can benefit you.


You’ll get quality, representative data, you can trust with your life.

Whether you need quality sample, and/or Programming and Host features, we’ve got your back. Our programmers are licenced in Decipter by Focus Vision, Confirm It, and LimeSurvey, and more. They’ve perfected sophisticated targeting functionality that validates the suitability of each and every respondent, before they can interact with your survey.

And with 22 million potential respondents dotted across 13 countries, you’ll capture insight from the target audience you need, no matter how niche!

The respondents you target will more openly share the insight you need.

We know from experience that every client has different survey requirements. We also understand that a great survey experience boasts quality respondent data. Using innovative, interactive components like text highlighting, virtual shopping carts, and magazine covers, our surveys stimulate the right respondents at the right time; they also increase engagement, improve participation, and counter survey fatigue.

This means the insight you get via RFG is spotlessly clean, all accurate, and completely unbiased. Which frees up more time for other tasks that resurface constantly on your lengthy list of to-dos.

The MRX migraines you experience will be a thing of the past.

There’s huge time, cost, and administrative effort, involved in dealing with one company for sample, and another for Survey Programming services. If you work with RFG, there’s no longer a need; because we take care of everything!

No longer do clients have to pay a separate company to manage the development and lifecycle of surveys. From Programming, Hosting, Data Collection, Data Processing, and Data Delivery, we see your surveys from ideas on a page right through to live surveys yielding awesome insight. This means you’ll have one point of contact at RFG, who’ll go to the end of the earth to manage your projects, saving you time and money.

Respondents using mobile devices will think you’re awesome.

Our surveys are considerate of respondents using mobile phones. Rigorous in-field survey checks ensure only those using compatible mobile devices are selected and optimized for your survey.

This means your surveys can be completed by the right respondents, at the right time, as they go about their daily business.

You’ll never have to enlist the help of an expert to crunch numbers.

We know first-hand how stressful it can be to juggle the many responsibilities of a market researcher. With our full online service, you’ll have uninterrupted access to industry-leading tools that help you tabulate and visualize your sample. Our experienced data processing team has experience with a variety of tools and software packages, including SPSS, Quantum, MS Access, and MS Excel.

Using tables, charts, OE coding, and custom data reports, you’ll not only get quality sample, but intuitive tools that’ll help you formulate insights, calculate statistics, and plan your best next steps.

You’ll have access to a range of professional localization services.

RFG surveys aren’t just available in English. If you’ve got project requirements to present a survey in other languages, we’ve got the industry experience in the localization of digital content. And this is something we’re happy to take care of.

This means your surveys (and your data) isn’t pigeonholed to one audience. Which means the representative data you need for a specific study isn’t affected whatsoever as a result of misinterpretation.

The sample you need will be of the best quality you’ll find.

We know first-hand that messy sample littered with biased results costs you more time and money. That’s why we’ve devised a three-tier quality standard known as, ‘The Three Pillars of Quality Sample’.

This means that when it comes to needing consistent, quality data, we’ve got the capabilities in place to source responsible respondents more trustworthy than your childhood friends. And you don’t have to burn time and money scrubbing clean the data you pay for.

At RFG, we know that quality people, plus quality service, equals quality sample.

We can bring you full service and sample with a smile, and cater to your every quantitative research need.

Want to know more? Get in touch now!

WIRe Summer Webinar Series 2018

WIRe Summer Webinar Series 2018

WIRe’s Summer Webinar Series never fails to impress with interesting sessions that really capture and inspire the audience. This year did not disappoint with these three very exciting topics:

  1. Gaining Momentum into the Future: Trends and Innovations in MRX
  2. Taking the Lead: Propelling Visibility in your MRX Career
  3. The Art of Negotiation: Using Persuasion to Propel Your Career Forward

In case you missed one, WIRe have recordings of all three of their exciting webinars on their website, here is a useful link:

We are proud to support, and be members of, an organization that champions diversity and equips women with the skills they need to boost their professional career! If you would like to hear more about what we do to make the world a better place, through our 1 for 1 donation model, then you can read about it on our website or SAY HI!

Five Innovative Ways RFG Are Staying Ahead of Fast-Paced MRX Change

Five Innovative Ways RFG Are Staying Ahead of Fast-Paced MRX Change

The next time you’re shopping at the mall, take a look around. How many sharp-dressed market researchers, armed with with perfect pitches and coloured clipboards, do you see?  

As insight-driven organisations embrace trends and innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and VR, MRX is moving faster than an everyday Twitter feed.

At RFG, we’ve kept up with the momentum to better understand customers and stay ahead of fast-paced change.

Here are the five innovative ways we’re embracing new trends and innovation in MRX right now.



We’ve developed a unique, respondent-friendly means of engagement

Our Hybrid Methodology encourages respondents to engage with interactive surveys via mobile, social, apps, games, and reward sites. This equips our clients with a greater representation of the online population they’re targeting.

Before being presented with surveys, every respondent must opt-in, accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and pass our quality checks.


We’ve devised a three-tier quality standard to ensure quality sample

We don’t expect clients to spend time and money scrubbing clean the sample they pay for. Our Three Pillars of Sample Quality standard alleviates the headaches caused by sourcing quality data, and ensures clients get accurate, representative sample for their buck.

We know that quality people, plus quality service, equals quality sample. And when a client chooses to have us program and host their survey, features like Straight Liner Checks and Trap Questions ensure only happy, representative audiences share their insight.


We’ve adopted an incentive model that ensures everybody wins

Not only does every project clients launch via RFG deliver valuable insights. Every time a respondent completes a client’s survey via RFG, not only do they get a personal reward. A charitable donation is also made by us on their behalf.

One complete at a time, our 1 for 1 incentive model has been with us since we started five years ago. As of 2016, 100% of all donations currently go to our singular charity partner, Action Against Hunger.


We’re embracing all new waves of automated, technological change

Be it asking a mom to take a survey about baby milk on a home smart device, like Alexa, or prompting college students to give their answers to questions via VR headsets, we are always thinking about ways to stay in-tune with future, automated technologies.

Using technologies such as Digital Fingerprinting, GEO-IP Validation, and SecureGeoIPour platform weeds out wasted sample, reduces fraudulent respondents and survey abandonment, and ensures perfect respondents are ready to share insights at the time clients need them.


We’re supporting clients on their quest for quality, automated sample

We know first-hand that clients are actively seeking more efficient means of buying quality sample. On request from our clients, we developed an intuitive DIY Sample Buying tool as a better way to serve them.

Our always-on, do-it-yourself sample buying portal, The Sample Place, gives users complete control over their own sampling process. Intuitive and automated solution, the solution amplifies the research process, equipping users with innovative tools they can use to better organize their specifics.

The Future of MRX is Here!

By keeping in-tune with the latest emerging technologies, we position ourselves firmly as a leading innovator in the global MRX marketplace.

As people worldwide continue to welcome technological change into every aspect of their lives, there’s never been a better opportunity to embrace change, and new trends and innovations.

Be the positive change for your organisation and clients today!

If you’re looking to stay afloat in the deep sea of fast-paced MRX change, we’ve got your back!

Top 10 Awesome Reasons to Join Team RFG

Top 10 Awesome Reasons to Join Team RFG

Here at Research For Good, we live by the mantra that providing a faultless, first-class service is just as important as collecting quality sample.

Everyone and their dogs know we love our customers. But we love our employees just as much.

Without blowing too hard on our trumpet, we’ve put to paper the Top 10 Awesome Reasons why being a member of the RFG family is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Join Team RFG #1
We set out daily to help others worldwide.

Our tireless work ethic helps ensure we remain one of the world’s leading sample providers. The more we can fine-tune our services – the more cash we can donate to our charity partner.

Join Team RFG #2
We’re a completely flat organisation.

Employees at RFG don’t nervously present their hard work to number-crunching executives. Every day, we sit together as one and put trust in Autonomous Workflows to help nurture our concrete business processes.

Join Team RFG #3
We’re growing at a faster rate than Rhubarb Stalks.

Since our small-scale but ambitious beginnings, we’ve become a respected offering – generating millions in annual turnover. We’ve got big plans to diversity our product offering – and there’s never been a better time to join us.

Join Team RFG #4
We’re a bunch of all-round awesome people.

Our employees make up a completely transparent, rock-solid team. From consulting, sales and marketing, customer service, or software development – we take huge pride in being a friendly, multi-disciplined workforce.

We welcome minimalism with arms wide open.

We strive for efficiency in every aspect of the business. There’s no unnecessary paperwork, red tape bureaucracy, or nasty office politics here. If you’re goal-orientated and interested in helping better our global processes – get in touch.

Join Team RFG #5
We’re making huge positive change worldwide.

Since day one, we’ve remained loyal to our founding principle – to make a donation for every survey complete. Since 2016, 100% of all donations go directly to Action Against Hunger – a charity committed to ending child deaths caused by hunger and malnutrition.

Join Team RFG #6
We’re a flexible, self-managing team.

Our flexible ethos helps everyone achieve a happy work-life balance. Assuming you’re hitting your targets and doing the job you’re paid for – it’s up to you to manage your daily workload here.

Join Team RFG #7
Join Team RFG #8
We work on awesome projects.

Our clients ask interesting questions of our respondents every single day. From busy moms who live on microwave ready meals, to all-night teenage gamers, we’ve connected thousands of clients with the exact target populations they request, in order to solve interesting business problems and help make the world a better place.

Join Team RFG #9
We’re very proud of our entrepreneurial spirit.

We’ve been in business since 2012. Today, we’re still just as nimble and responsive to fast-paced market demand as we were during our start-up days. We persevere through challenges, and make smart decisions based on our industry expertise.

Join Team RFG #10
We reward employees with more than an attractive salary.

Because RFG employees are generous with their efforts and ideas, we reciprocate with exciting career progression opportunities and job perks. With focus on becoming the world’s leading sample provider, we’re looking for awesome individuals to join the team.


If you’re looking for an awesome career in Market Research – then look no further.

Send us your CV today!