RFG’s Charity Of The Year

RFG’s Charity Of The Year

Did you know… that everytime a respondent completes one of your surveys through Research For Good, they not only get their own personal reward but also a charitable donation is made by us on their behalf

And now, with our Charity Of The Year initiative, YOU are able to decide which organisation will receive our charitable funds in 2019!

If you are passionate about animals or support a particular health charity, you can nominate any organzation that you care about to receive the funds generated from our 1-for-1 incentive model!

Nominate now for 2019’s Charity Of The Year!

Intellicast Podcast

Intellicast Podcast

RFG Co-founder & CRO Baillie Buchanan joins Brian Lamar & Adam Jolley from EMI Research on Intellicast, a fun & insightful market research podcast, as this week’s guest speaker.

Click below to listen to Adam, Brian & Baillie discuss:

  • The “For Good” in Research For Good
  • The history of RFG and how they came to be who they are today
  • Baillie’s journey into the MRX industry
  • Plus much more…
When & Why To DIY Your Sample Buy

When & Why To DIY Your Sample Buy

RFG Co-Founder, Baillie Buchanan recently took part in the Festival of NewMR. A series of webinars where leading experts and new faces share new thinking about market research and insights. Baillie’s segment focused on DIY sample buying and highlighted the areas you should be investigating if you are considering DIY. She also provided 22 must-ask questions that you should use to vet any respondent access tool that you are considering. Be sure to check out the questions through the button below. 

The festival started on Monday 5th Feb and lasted that week, with several speakers sharing their insights every day. Day 1 featured:

  • Annie Pettit – Book it! An enlightening path to your personal brand
  • Enrico Codogno – The Method is the Message: Setting the Table for Change
  • Baillie Buchanan – When to DIY Your Sample Buy and Why
  • Karina Besprosvan – Gen Z #NewruleZ: How to follow generation Z storytelling while using MIM (mobile instant messaging) platforms
  • Ray Poynter – What are the emerging technologies in market research? Where should your focus be over the next two years?

You can access the above sessions through the button below, and be sure to check out the full weekly schedule here. If you have any questions on DIY Sample Buying or our Respondent Access Platform, then be sure to SayHi – we would love to hear from you.

22 Must-Ask Questions For Vetting A DIY Sample Tool Provider.

Check out all the above sessions that featured on day one.

New Year, New Way To Sample

New Year, New Way To Sample

Happy New Year… (it is still OK to say that 2 weeks in, right?). With a new year comes the possibility of change and a focus on the self. This year I am going to read more (outside of MRX related content), exercise more and learn a new skill – what yet, I have no idea! What about you?

Whether you want to hit the gym more or learn to hit those high notes, we can help with that.

Sadly, we are not moving into personal training nor voice coaching, we are sticking to what we do best: Supplying high-quality, reliable respondents for online studies. However, what we can do, is, free up some time for you to focus on other things – whether that be inside or outside of the office.

Our DIY Sample Buying Tool: The Sampling Place gives you easy access to our 22 million potential respondents across our 13 featured countries – designed to make sample buying quicker and simpler – giving you more time to do, well, whatever…

Start 2018 off on the right foot:

A New Year, A New Way To Sample.

Interested in seeing just how quick and easy sample buying can be? Register for our free webinar on Tuesday 23rd January @ 11 AM PST and RFG’s Co-Founder, Baillie Buchanan, and Vice President of Client Development, January Khoshnood, will give you a speedy (less than 30 minutes) walk-through and answer any questions.

What’s Been Happening?

What’s Been Happening?

Between conferences, speaking opportunities and handbook generation support – RFG has been keeping busy. We wanted to take a few minutes to give you a brief update on what has been happening in the world of RFG.

1 GRBN Handbook

Data quality is something we care a lot about and something RFG co-founders Sean Case & Baillie Buchanan talk about in their State of the Industry discussion. So when we were approached by Andrew Cannon, Executive Director at GRBN, to contribute to their new handbook that talks about improving the research participant user experience we were more than happy to contribute. It is a great, free handbook that gives you 101 tips to help improve the stigma associated with research – click the logo below to get access to the handbook.


2. Little Bird Marketing

We recently attended TMRE in Flordia where Baillie Buchanan & Art Padilla had the pleasure of meeting Priscilla McKinney, President of Little Bird Marketing.  Priscilla reached out asking for us to contribute towards some key-takeaways from the event which she wanted to have on her blog – this is now live. Click the logo below to check out the blog post.

3. WIRE Portland Event –

RFG has been a supporter of Women In Research for some time, so when Baillie Buchanan was asked to join the discussion panel in their Portland event in mid-November it was an easy yes. What’s more is that RFG’s January Koshnood, Product Director, is also attending and will be moderating the event. Click the logo below to be directed towards the event page.

If you would like to have one of the RFG team attend an event of yours or contribute towards a blog you are writing, please SayHi and let us know.

#SampleWithASmile 🙂