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Deciding whether to build your proprietary in-house platform entirely from the ground up or buy an off-the-shelf, ready-made solution from a third party, is not a decision to be taken lightly. Since our inception eight years ago, we’ve built, we’ve licensed, and we’ve done much deliberation in between to learn that in today’s world, buying vs. building has become an antiquated concept; we’re now in an era of what do I buy? And what do I build?

However, at the surface-level, it took less than a year to realize that the features and flexibility that we required to reach our goals, it under-delivered. The time saved at first, eventually became redundant, as it resulted in the search and eventual shift between various third-party solutions. We soon recognized that the lack of customizability was a common denominator with licensed tools that stunted our growth and ultimately lead us to build our internal solution, DataForce. 

On the flip side, what’s currently in the marketplace could be exactly what you need, with minimal added-value to your business if you were to re-create your internal bespoke solution. Once upon a time, we began to build our own suite of metrics analytics rather than license ready-made business intelligence tools, but as time went by, we soon realized that the data visualization space wasn’t where we wanted to grow; and quickly made the decision to allocate our resources elsewhere.

So how do constructing and licensing fit in with your organization’s needs for the long and short term? There are rigorous questions to be answered; what is your tolerance for lack of control? What are the opportunity costs? How do your current resources stack up? Based on our buying and building experience, we’ve put together a decision tree with the considerations and questions that we hope will steer you in the right direction for your business goals.

At RFG, we recognize the restrictions and cost-savings that come with buying, and we understand the opportunities yet time-sensitive nature of building. That’s why we’ve architected a hybrid model in DataForce. With a micro-services build back-end infrastructure, DataForce facilitates product development for agencies looking to develop proprietary and agile research products of their own, at an accelerated pace.

To learn more about DataForce Connect, Community and Collect and how you can enable flexibility, scalability and encourage productivity within your workforce, book a demo today, or get in touch with us at

Buy vs. Build: Decision Tree

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