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With Christmas just 2 weeks away, the busiest shopping period of the year is officially in full swing. So in-between gifts and decorations, the household’s primary financial decision maker has a lot on their turkey-filled plate.

For our festive themed study, we wanted to find out how much they are spending, and what they’ll be spending the majority of their budget on this year.

Asking 1,500 US household’s primary financial decision makers, here’s what we found out…

When do you typically begin Christmas shopping for the year?

Last month sees the peak time for our respondents to begin their Christmas shopping with 37% opting to start in November, with 8% leaving it until the last minute by beginning their shopping on Christmas Eve.

What is your budget for Christmas overall this year? (Gifts, food, decorations)

4% are intending to spend big this year, by setting aside a budget of more than $2500, whilst just over a quarter (28%) of the household’s primary financial decision makers will be spending up to $249.

How will you spend the majority of your Christmas budget this year?

Children’s and adult’s presents is how our respondents will be mostly spending their budget this year, with 35% spending on children, and 44% on adults.

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