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COVID-19 has taken us in different directions than we ever would have anticipated, and for a significant amount, that includes their employment status. The reality has resulted in most of us seeing first-hand friends’ or family’s jobs become a casualty to the pandemic both outside and within the MR space. So, to highlight the skills and expertise of those who found themselves out of work, RFG made a call-out to the industry last month. 

As part of a collaboration project, we sought to partner with researchers to create a report of their choice, on the impacts of COVID-19. Powered by our modular data acquisition platform, DataForce, and with the ability to collect the data with ease and speed through RFG’s on-demand sample tool, we supplied 1,000 U.S. respondents to facilitate their studies on: 

Joining RFG’s Co-Founder and COO, Baillie Buchanan, each of our partners, Aman Khalid, Javier Vesga, and Viraj Joshi, gave a quick introduction to their study and a summary of their findings that you can watch below, alongside their full report with key takeaways and recommendations going forward. 

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