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To describe COVID-19 as a big black cloud could be putting it politely. It has impacted every one of us and disrupted our daily routines in a way that if we were to think back to 6 months ago, is unimaginable. But despite our current reality and the undoubtedly negative effects that we will be faced with economically, one thing that has become apparent is our resilience as humans to find silver linings where possible.

In the second report in our COVID-19 mini-series, we want to learn more about how as humans we’re embracing this change, and what we hope will be the lasting positive effect on the post-COVID-19 world.

Reaching 1,000 US respondents 18+, we asked the following questions…
1. Have you experienced any of the following positives as a result of COVID-19?
2. As a result of COVID-19, how do you hope the world will change for the better?
3. In reality, how do you imagine that the world will actually change for the better post-COVID-19?

Download the full report to reveal the male/female breakdown alongside our top takeaways, or view the top-line results below!

Asking “Have you experienced any of the following positives as a result of COVID-19?”, our results showed us that 78% of respondents have found a silver lining to the pandemic, with family time coming out on top, followed by spending time alone, and thirdly realizing the importance of good health.

Millennial Coffee Habits

Combining the results from questions 2 and 3, the chart below shows how respondents would hope that the world will change as a result of COVID-19, and how they think that it will change. Disappointingly, by asking “In reality, how do you imagine that the world will actually change”, we see an average decrease of 25% when compared to their hopes, excluding “I don’t hope that the world will change for the better”.

Millennial Coffee Habits

Understanding humans has never been more important, and as we progress to a new normal, we want to get closer to finding out the current and lasting impact that COVID-19 will have on us all. To do this, RFG will be releasing frequent mini-studies, reaching respondents to investigate various topics, but even better, we want you to collaborate with us!

As part of our series, we want you to tell us the one question that you want answered! Want to find out how the pandemic has impacted how people will save in the future, or what their first activity will be when Government self-isolation policies have been lifted?  Let us know here, or to download our report and share you question, submit your details below! 

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