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With most of our daily routines rattled and brought to a stand-still since the outbreak of COVID-19, for many of our partners and peers, it has never been more important to get a grasp on the reactions and views felt by consumers. 

Continuing with our COVID-19 mini-series, asking you to share with us the topics and questions that matter most to you, this week, we’re releasing our second report with questions from Rabin ResearchWaves ResearchParagon Media Strategies, and Byron Media. 

Reaching an audience of 1,000 US respondents, we posed these four questions: 

  1. When do you feel it will be safe to resume activities like going to a restaurant, to a movie theater or sporting event?
  2. Do you feel your government is treating you like an adult in terms of how they are communicating with you?
  3. Are people in your area generally more or less friendly since the beginning of the Coronavirus?
  4. How have your local radio station listening habits changed during the COVID-19 crisis?

Download our easily digestible report to find our top four notable takeaways, as well as learning how males and females differ in their thoughts.


Interested in finding out if COVID-19 has put a financial strain on people’s lives, or if they have been able to save more than usual? We’d love for you to get involved with our next report! If you have any questions that you want to be answered, and want us to feature in our next campaign, Say Hi!

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