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COVID-19 is causing a pivotal shift in consumers’ behavior; from changes in their current purchasing habits right through to their decisions going forward into the post-COVID-19 world. For us, and many in our industry, we’re in a significant position to be able to reach out and to understand the thoughts, fears, and hopes to guide us through this extraordinary time.

As part of RFG’s mission to help better understand humans, we offered our friends in the industry the opportunity to share with us the one question that they would like answered as a method to get a glance at the moving sentiments that are being seen currently due to the pandemic.

Receiving questions from the teams at Delve Research, Endeavor, Penn Mutual, and RPA, we asked a sample of 1,000 US respondents the following 5 questions…

  1. Has the quality of your sleep changed since the arrival of Coronavirus?
  2. What are you anxious to resume attending/visiting once this pandemic is behind us? 
  3. What has COVID-19 caused you to do?
  4. Since the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), do you feel CLOSER to, or MORE connected, with any of the following? 
  5. Since the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, do you feel more DISTANT from, or LESS connected, with any of the following?

Download the report to find the full set of results, and to receive the key takeaways found from their responses!

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