How often do you indulge in a spot of retail therapy? When you fancy a splurge on the latest seasonal trends? Or is the idea of shopping and trying out clothes your idea of a nightmare? 

We asked a group of women about their clothes spending and purchasing habits to find out more about why they shop, what’s important to them when purchasing an item and how much they spend when they do!

Reaching 400 U.S. females with an age split of 18-24, 25-39, 40-54, and 55-75, here’s just a snippet of what we found out…

To start, we asked the group of women “How much do you spend on clothes for yourself per month” and found that 24% spend over $100 a month, that’s just under a quarter of females spending at least $1200 a year.

To learn more about their most recent purchase, we asked “What was the motivation behind your most recent clothing purchase for yourself”, and found that 26% purchased an item of clothing specifically for an upcoming event.

Asking “What is the most important factor that you consider when purchasing a new item of clothing for yourself?” it might come as no surprise that the overall majority factor when considering a purchase was the “cost” of the item, while “how the item fits” comes in at second-place by over a fifth of the females asked.

How does your clothes buying behaviour compare? 

Download the report below and receive the full breakdown of results split by age.

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