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Recently we looked at a typical day in the life of a millennial, finding out their sleeping patterns, their eating habits and their personality traits. But what about the generation that succeeds them?

Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2012) are becoming increasingly studied and it’s no surprise! So to get a picture of their typical day, and how it differs (if at all) with that of milllenials we asked Gen Z over the age of 18 the same set of questions…

Below you’ll find our top 5 takeaways but to get the full infographic, download below!

Interestingly, Gen Z kick off their day by getting in one or more of their five a day, with fruit making the cut as one of the top breakfast choices of this age group, unlike millennials. The top breakfast choices for Gen Z include; cereal (64%) followed by eggs (61%) and bread (52%) and fruit (52%)

Are Gen Z more reliable at work than millennials? We found that “catching up on work/getting ahead of work” ranked 3rd in how they spend their lunch break, whilst came in at 5th/last place when asking millennials. There is no change on the most common way to spend their lunch break, with 41% spending their lunch hour scrolling through their social feeds.

If Gen Z could be described using one word, what would you select? We found than when asking Gen Z how they describe themselves, the top answer came out as ‘easy-going’ (72%), in comparison to the top trait of millennials as ‘reliable’. Other top traits of Gen Z includes friendly (65.52%), motivated (62.07%) and down-to-earth (62.07%),

On a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being dissatisfied, and 5 being satisfied, 45% of Gen Z selected 5, similar to millennials. On a positive note, only 7% selected 1 on the scale, that they were dissatisfied.

Lights, Camera, Action! Movie watching is not a big past time for Gen Z in comparison to Millennials, with 33.6% watching 3 or more movies a week, in comparison to just under a half of millennials (47.6%) watching the same. Their type of movies differ, too. With the majority of Gen Z preferring ‘Comedy’, and millennials selecting ‘Action’.


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