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COVID-19: Your Questions #4

For the fourth part of our COVID-19 mini-series this week, we feature some valuable questions from the researchers at AARP, Research Solutions, and Merdian Research. The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many of us into a state of confusion with the heavyweight of the...

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COVID-19: Your Questions #3

If you’ve been following our COVID-19 mini-series, you’ll note that to date, we’ve touched on ranging topics including sleeping patterns, the attitudes to the Government’s treatment, and how our connections with those around us have strengthened. Yet, while our...

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COVID-19: Your Questions #2

With most of our daily routines rattled and brought to a stand-still since the outbreak of COVID-19, for many of our partners and peers, it has never been more important to get a grasp on the reactions and views felt by consumers.  Continuing with our COVID-19...

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COVID-19: Your Questions

  COVID-19 is causing a pivotal shift in consumers’ behavior; from changes in their current purchasing habits right through to their decisions going forward into the post-COVID-19 world. For us, and many in our industry, we’re in a significant position to be able...

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Time and COVID-19

At present, we have more time than we ever would have anticipated as a result of government guidelines surrounding COVID-19 as many of us practice self-isolation at home alone, or with family or friends.  As part of our weekly series digging into the impacts, and...

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Make Good Choices

1. AmazonSmile By adding in an extra 6 characters at the beginning of your usual url, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price of your items to a charity of your choice. Select local organizations, or those that help on a global scale and make your upcoming...

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COVID-19: Silver Linings

To describe COVID-19 as a big black cloud could be putting it politely. It has impacted every one of us and disrupted our daily routines in a way that if we were to think back to 6 months ago, is unimaginable. But despite our current reality and the undoubtedly...

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Insights In The Time Of Covid-19

Life and business today is so vastly different from how it was just weeks ago, it’s hard to conceive of all of the change. For the insights industry, now is our time to rise to the challenge and help guide our clients, our businesses and our countries through these...

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Mission Update

Just recently, RFG sent another donation to our charity partner, Action Against Hunger, valuing a total of $30,000. We firstly want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our partners for making this possible! While under these devastating...

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