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Intellicast Podcast

RFG Co-founder & CRO Baillie Buchanan joins Brian Lamar & Adam Jolley from EMI Research on Intellicast, a fun & insightful market research podcast, as this week's guest speaker. Click below to listen to Adam, Brian & Baillie discuss: The “For Good” in...

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When & Why To DIY Your Sample Buy

RFG Co-Founder, Baillie Buchanan recently took part in the Festival of NewMR. A series of webinars where leading experts and new faces share new thinking about market research and insights. Baillie's segment focused on DIY sample buying and highlighted the areas you...

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22 Questions To Ask Your DIY Sample Supplier

The decision to add a sample DIY tool, or respondent access system, to your process for procuring respondents for your market research needs, is not to be undertaken lightly. Implementing a change to process within an organization big or small requires thought and...

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New Year, New Way To Sample

Happy New Year... (it is still OK to say that 2 weeks in, right?). With a new year comes the possibility of change and a focus on the self. This year I am going to read more (outside of MRX related content), exercise more and learn a new skill - what yet, I...

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What’s Been Happening?

Between conferences, speaking opportunities and handbook generation support - RFG has been keeping busy. We wanted to take a few minutes to give you a brief update on what has been happening in the world of RFG. 1 GRBN Handbook Data quality is something we...

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Don’t Sample At A Snail’s Pace

Sample buying doesn't have to be done at a snail's pace. Here at Research For Good, we understand that time costs money, that is why we are proud of The Sampling Place and its ability to turn what can be a time-consuming task into one that is quick and...

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The Sampling Place

Online sample provider Research For Good is proud to announce that, after three months of beta testing, their do-it-yourself sample buying portal, The Sampling Place, is fully launched, more robust and easier to use.   Inspired by trends towards efficiency and DIY...

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Conferences Fall ’17

Hands up if you are going to an MR conference this fall? Let us know - click yes or no!   Sure am - see you there! Not this time! Got too much on. You are going? Great news! We look forward to seeing you there. Conferences are a great way to mingle with peers, see all...

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The Sampling Place – Exciting Updates

A few months ago we announced The Sampling Place, our do-it-yourself sample buying portal, which gives users complete control over their own sampling process. We have been working hard testing and improving The Sampling Place based on feedback received...

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Respect The Respondent

Respect the Respondent!  We heard it at Samplecon ‘17. We heard it at London Insights ‘17. We heard it at IIeX NA ‘17. RFG Co-founder Baillie Buchanan details in her Sample Company Call Out ways in which sample companies, like ourselves, can be more than just...

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