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RFG’s Charity Of The Year

  Did you know... that everytime a respondent completes one of your surveys through Research For Good, they not only get their own personal reward but also a charitable donation is made by us on their behalf And now, with our Charity Of The Year initiative, YOU are...

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Keeping Up With The…Content

  The pace of change is accelerating every day - and despite what some might say about a slowness to adapt to change in our industry, change and innovation are afoot in Market Research too. Market Research automation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and the...

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Top 10 Awesome Reasons to Join Team RFG

  Here at Research For Good, we live by the mantra that providing a faultless, first-class service is just as important as collecting quality sample. Everyone and their dogs know we love our customers. But we love our employees just as much. Without blowing too hard...

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RFG’s Three Pillars of Quality Sample

“The kids need new school shoes.” “I’ve got my sights on a case of ice-cold Bud Light today!” “We’ve gotta get groceries at the store."   Did you know? An estimated 71% of consumers shop with a definitive to-do scenario in mind. For online Market Researchers, “We need...

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RFG’s Hybrid Respondent Recruitment Methodology

Did you know? In 2016, the Market Research industry generated almost 45 billion USD in global revenue. But it’s not all profits and office parties. Countless organizations are still burning their carefully calculated budgets on traditional means of sourcing sample. ...

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Intellicast Podcast

RFG Co-founder & CRO Baillie Buchanan joins Brian Lamar & Adam Jolley from EMI Research on Intellicast, a fun & insightful market research podcast, as this week's guest speaker. Click below to listen to Adam, Brian & Baillie discuss: The “For Good” in...

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When & Why To DIY Your Sample Buy

RFG Co-Founder, Baillie Buchanan recently took part in the Festival of NewMR. A series of webinars where leading experts and new faces share new thinking about market research and insights. Baillie's segment focused on DIY sample buying and highlighted the areas you...

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22 Questions To Ask Your DIY Sample Supplier

The decision to add a sample DIY tool, or respondent access system, to your process for procuring respondents for your market research needs, is not to be undertaken lightly. Implementing a change to process within an organization big or small requires thought and...

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New Year, New Way To Sample

Happy New Year... (it is still OK to say that 2 weeks in, right?). With a new year comes the possibility of change and a focus on the self. This year I am going to read more (outside of MRX related content), exercise more and learn a new skill - what yet, I...

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What’s Been Happening?

Between conferences, speaking opportunities and handbook generation support - RFG has been keeping busy. We wanted to take a few minutes to give you a brief update on what has been happening in the world of RFG. 1 GRBN Handbook Data quality is something we...

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