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Attitudes to Recreational Marijuana Use

Whether you’re for, against or undecided on the legalisation of marijuana, there’s no escaping the topic in the U.S. right now. So for our recent study we asked a sample of U.S. respondents living in states where it's not currently legal for recreational use about...

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A Day in The Life of A Typical Millennial

Millennials… their habits, attitudes and behaviours are increasingly being put under the microscope, and we can’t get enough of learning more about them!   So, to get a picture of their lifestyle, we wanted to see what a typical day in the life of a millennial looked...

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Personality Traits and Life Satisfaction in The U.S.

We regularly study traits that makes brands great, but what about the traits that make people great? As part of a three part study, we teamed up with Corporate Research Associates to better understand personality traits and life satisfaction in the U.S. and Canada,...

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U.S. Breakfast Eating Habits

Did you know that just over a quarter of Americans are willing to spend over $10 for breakfast at a café? With the celebration of Waffle Day this week, we took the opportunity to find out more about U.S. breakfast eating habits to not only find just how popular...

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Quirks Brooklyn 2019 Recap

This month our very own Client Development Associate Katelyn Jones attended The Quirks Event in Brooklyn. Following on from our previous soundbite discussing how to make the most of conferences when you're not attending, Katelyn joined RFG's Co-Founder Baillie...

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Online Banking Security

Did you know that 69% of online banking customers are in some way worried about their financial institute's online security? That's just one takeaway that we learned from our latest mini-study... In the study below, find out how age affects: How worried online banking...

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Millennial’s Shoe Buying Habits

Revenue in the U.S. footwear market amounts to £85.9m in 2019, with an expected increase of 2.6% annually to 2021. So, with millennials on track to reach a disposable income of $1.4 trillion by 2020, for our latest mini-study we wanted to find out more about their...

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Selling in The Space

Selling in market research... how has it developed over time and what current trends are evolving? RFG's CRO Baillie Buchanan, sits down with our Client Development Associates Kassi Cross and Katelyn Jones to discuss what demands they're seeing in the space today, new...

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Magazine Reading Habits

From baking to beauty or fashion to fishing, the magazines available to us cover just about everything. So what are reader’s motivations to buying them? We wanted to take a sneak-peak into the habits of magazine readers to find out their habits and preferences. We...

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Female’s Beauty Buying Habits

From cleansers to toners, and foundations to concealers, the list of products in the beauty industry seems never ending. But what are the key products that women like to buy, and how much are they spending?  We asked 1,000 women from 4 age groups (Gen X, Millennials,...

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Incentives in Market Research

Incentives in market research... now that they're here is there ever going to be a time that we can avoid using them? RFG's co-founders Baillie Buchanan and Sean Case explore incentives, how we can minimize fraudulent behaviour, and the future of online studies.     ...

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