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Selling in The Space

Selling in market research... how has it developed over time and what current trends are evolving? RFG's CRO Baillie Buchanan, sits down with our Client Development Associates Kassi Cross and Katelyn Jones to discuss what demands they're seeing in the space today, new...

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Magazine Reading Habits

From baking to beauty or fashion to fishing, the magazines available to us cover just about everything. So what are reader’s motivations to buying them? We wanted to take a sneak-peak into the habits of magazine readers to find out their habits and preferences. We...

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Female’s Beauty Buying Habits

From cleansers to toners, and foundations to concealers, the list of products in the beauty industry seems never ending. But what are the key products that women like to buy, and how much are they spending?  We asked 1,000 women from 4 age groups (Gen X, Millennials,...

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Incentives in Market Research

Incentives in market research... now that they're here is there ever going to be a time that we can avoid using them? RFG's co-founders Baillie Buchanan and Sean Case explore incentives, how we can minimize fraudulent behaviour, and the future of online studies.     ...

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Research On Research: Incentives

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” And as much as he is spot on, we, at Research For Good, do not think the two are mutually exclusive... Every time one of our trusted respondents completes a survey, not...

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How Teens Watch Online Content

From tutorials to live-streaming, the online content that we have access to is continuously expanding, and with teenagers growing up alongside it we wanted to look at how much time they’re spending consuming online content, and what exactly is it that they are...

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Men’s Holiday Weight Gain

From all the sweet potato casseroles and candy canes, it’s no surprise that the holidays can be a diet disaster for some. To find out the full effects, we asked 1500 men (750 millennials/750 Gen X) the following three questions… How much weight did you put on over the...

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Moms Vacation Plans 2019

For some moms, the perfect holiday could mean a relaxing three-day wellness retreat with girlfriends or a family holiday consisting of sand-castles and popsicles. Either way, for most mothers a holiday is a staple in the calendar year. We wanted to find out what some...

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Millennials New Year’s Resolutions.

With the new year comes the time-honoured tradition of setting resolutions. Whether it’s to reach a new personal best at the gym or to learn that musical instrument you had always intended to, for some millennials the new year means an opportunity to better themselves...

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Market Research Recap 2018

Happy New Year! Between GDPR, AI,  and the array of mergers and acquisitions that happened in 2018, it’s been an interesting year for the market research industry. With the new year, RFG’s co-founders Baillie Buchanan and Sean Case took the opportunity to...

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Christmas Spending 2018

With Christmas just 2 weeks away, the busiest shopping period of the year is officially in full swing. So in-between gifts and decorations, the household’s primary financial decision maker has a lot on their turkey-filled plate. For our festive themed study, we wanted...

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Top 3 Challenges for Research Buyers

Throughout the years, we’ve remained passionate about research, sample, actionable insights, and having a social impact. We’ve also participated at countless conferences, and interacted with thousands of research buyers and customers. It’s this consistent...

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