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Life and business today is so vastly different from how it was just weeks ago, it’s hard to conceive of all of the change. For the insights industry, now is our time to rise to the challenge and help guide our clients, our businesses and our countries through these uncharted waters. We are uniquely positioned to understand what is happening, and how citizen’s mindsets are shifting, day by day, if not hour by hour. The advancement of technology in #mrx over the past few years have set our industry up to be well-positioned to execute in these virtual and remote times. F2F needs to be done online? There are tools for that. Entire project management team working from home? We’ve got a #mrx project management platform for that. Online Focus Groups, access to consumers where they are spending their time online – even if they haven’t joined a panel – not a problem. The how of execution needn’t be your worry. (and we’ve a post with a huge compilation of industry recommendations of best-practices in this time of change).

However, most importantly, this is our time to add tremendous value to businesses going into overdrive to stay alive and thrive. Should you be doing research right now? YES. But with one caveat – be a human.

Remember, whether conducting online qual, online surveys or other means of data collection, you’re talking to humans. You’re asking them for something (their data/opinions) in a time where their mental headspace is likely already full with work (for those fortunate enough to still be working), maybe managing children & homeschool during this time, the economy and their personal health and the wellbeing of friends and family. Treat them with grace, understanding, compassion. Be curious in a way that shows consideration and demonstrates your TRUE desire to help.

The human ingenuity and ability to adapt and innovate in a time of crisis continues to astound and inspire me each and every day. Thought you had a brick and mortar business – suddenly you’re in e-commerce and killing it with the community you’ve built who want to support YOU. My massage therapist now sources pain relief bath salts and tinctures to be delivered to client’s homes and offers 30-minute phone sessions to help with at-home pain & stress management. Suddenly, every parent is a novice homeschooler realizing what BIG ENORMOUS shoes of their children’s teachers they’re attempting to fill.

We will not be the same on the other side of this pandemic, and the optimist in me holds firmly to the belief that we will be the better for it. Insights professionals YOU have the unique position to bring light and understanding, calm and solidarity to the collective psyche as you guide business stakeholders through transitions they were not prepared for and show them how it is in their best interests to truly care for and support their consumers. Please, run that tracker, pivot that F2F study to online, add a few questions about COVID-19 impact and economic situation changes. But please don’t forget your humanity in the process. This is our collective opportunity to use our powers of insight and understanding for the greater good.

We’ve put together a list of helpful resources from the MR industry to help navigate through COVID-19 and the impact on our space.

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