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In an ever expanding global consumer atmosphere, more companies are investing in market research to fulfil their international strategy needs. To meet these needs, we have expanded our international reach. For details on our reach, demographics and sampling methodology, have a look at our ALL NEW Sample Book which has been updated with all the latest numbers and information.

To help you get in the mood, here is a teaser-stat for each of our featured countries.

  • USA: The average American worker stays in their role for 4.4 years
  • CANADA: There are more births to mothers over 40 than under 20 in Canada
  • MEXICO: 75% of sesame seeds from Mexico go to McDonalds for their burger buns
  • BRAZIL: 92% of cars sold in Brazil use ethanol as fuel, which comes from sugar cane
  • SPAIN: 72% of the Spanish population speak Spanish
  • UK: Average cars are parked for 96% of the time
  • FRANCE: 70% of people living in France claim they suffer from depression making it the world’s most depressed country
  • ITALY: 51% of Italians can’t afford a vacation
  • GERMANY: The population of Germany is in decline. It has dropped by over 2 million in the last decade
  • SAUDI ARABIA: 64% of the population are active internet users
  • JAPAN: In Japan there are more pets than children
  • AUSTRALIA: 75% of Australian plant and animal species are still undiscovered

If the above facts have you itching for more international insights then reach out to us for a quote or check and check out our page on data quality to understand why our sample is right for your business.












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