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Did you know that 4 out of 5 Americans use their mobile/tablet while watching TV?

In our newest study we explore the frequency that people will use their phone/tablet while watching the small screen, what drives them to switch their attention over to use it, and if there are any specific points during the program/movie that makes them tune out of TV and in to their phone/tablet instead. 

For example, would you have guessed that a third of Americans will spend ‘A lot of the time’ using a mobile/tablet while watching the small screen, in comparison to  13% of the arguably more dedicated viewers who pick up their mobile/tablet just ‘Rarely’?

Find out if the results could mean good or bad news for advertisers and program/movie creators… 

  • Could Americans now ignore advertisements and instead use them as an opportunity to look at their phone/tablet? 
  • Is the program/movies we’re watching on TV interesting enough to hold the attention of viewers? 
  • Or is TV becoming the new radio, where it’s simply becoming background noise while we scroll through our social feeds and chat with friends…

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