Here at Research For Good, we live by the mantra that providing a faultless, first-class service is just as important as collecting quality sample.

Everyone and their dogs know we love our customers. But we love our employees just as much.

Without blowing too hard on our trumpet, we’ve put to paper the Top 10 Awesome Reasons why being a member of the RFG family is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Join Team RFG #1
We set out daily to help others worldwide.

Our tireless work ethic helps ensure we remain one of the world’s leading sample providers. The more we can fine-tune our services – the more cash we can donate to our charity partner.

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We’re a completely flat organisation.

Employees at RFG don’t nervously present their hard work to number-crunching executives. Every day, we sit together as one and put trust in Autonomous Workflows to help nurture our concrete business processes.

Join Team RFG #3
We’re growing at a faster rate than Rhubarb Stalks.

Since our small-scale but ambitious beginnings, we’ve become a respected offering – generating millions in annual turnover. We’ve got big plans to diversity our product offering – and there’s never been a better time to join us.

Join Team RFG #4
We’re a bunch of all-round awesome people.

Our employees make up a completely transparent, rock-solid team. From consulting, sales and marketing, customer service, or software development – we take huge pride in being a friendly, multi-disciplined workforce.

We welcome minimalism with arms wide open.

We strive for efficiency in every aspect of the business. There’s no unnecessary paperwork, red tape bureaucracy, or nasty office politics here. If you’re goal-orientated and interested in helping better our global processes – get in touch.

Join Team RFG #5
We’re making huge positive change worldwide.

Since day one, we’ve remained loyal to our founding principle – to make a donation for every survey complete. Since 2016, 100% of all donations go directly to Action Against Hunger – a charity committed to ending child deaths caused by hunger and malnutrition.

Join Team RFG #6
We’re a flexible, self-managing team.

Our flexible ethos helps everyone achieve a happy work-life balance. Assuming you’re hitting your targets and doing the job you’re paid for – it’s up to you to manage your daily workload here.

Join Team RFG #7
Join Team RFG #8
We work on awesome projects.

Our clients ask interesting questions of our respondents every single day. From busy moms who live on microwave ready meals, to all-night teenage gamers, we’ve connected thousands of clients with the exact target populations they request, in order to solve interesting business problems and help make the world a better place.

Join Team RFG #9
We’re very proud of our entrepreneurial spirit.

We’ve been in business since 2012. Today, we’re still just as nimble and responsive to fast-paced market demand as we were during our start-up days. We persevere through challenges, and make smart decisions based on our industry expertise.

Join Team RFG #10
We reward employees with more than an attractive salary.

Because RFG employees are generous with their efforts and ideas, we reciprocate with exciting career progression opportunities and job perks. With focus on becoming the world’s leading sample provider, we’re looking for awesome individuals to join the team.


If you’re looking for an awesome career in Market Research – then look no further.

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