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In this instalment of our Good To Know series, we’re bringing you some great posts from around the #MRX web to help you learn or brush up on skills and new innovations in the market research industry. Just returning from IIeX NA 2017, one clear message came through – learn & evolve or perish. We’re here to help you grow and expand with these articles and events we feel are Good To Know.

Been a while since your last stats class (or shhh… never taken one)? Here’s a useful post outlining the basics of quant methodologies.

3 articles you may have missed on Tech/Automation in MR


Conference season is quieting down for summer – but don’t forget to register early for some of the upcoming fall shows:

  1. ESOMAR – Amsterdam: 10-13 September
  2. TMRE – Orlando: 22-25 October
  3. RR17 – Munich: 25-26 October

And incase you missed these conferences, here are some recaps

Now that you’re set to attend one of the fall conferences, here are Co-Founder Baillie Buchanan’s best tips to hack your conference experience to get the most out of being an attendee.

And while you’re at it – why not take some time to enhance your public speaking skills with a new app Orai.