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From baking to beauty or fashion to fishing, the magazines available to us cover just about everything. So what are reader’s motivations to buying them? We wanted to take a sneak-peak into the habits of magazine readers to find out their habits and preferences.

We asked 3 age groups the following questions: 

  • What type of magazine do you read?
  • Do you prefer to read online or print?
  • How much do you spend a month on magazines?
  • What’s your main reason for reading magazines?

You can find a taster of our results below, or to get the full report including how each age group answered, download the whitepaper. 

The type of magazines are endless, but by asking “what type of magazine do you read?” we found that 33% of respondents selected entertainment, whilst only 5% selected popular culture/gossip. 

With online content growing, we’ve too seen the digitization magazines. We asked “do you prefer to read printed or online magazines?” but it is still in print which trumps online, with 67% of respondents preferring a physical copy.

With new editions on our shelves weekly to bi-monthly we wanted to find out how much readers are spending. Interestingly, we seen that 28% of our respondents select that they read magazines, however 50% spend $6 or more!

What is the main motivations behind reading magazines? From the options below, we found that the majority of respondents (67%) read magazines for entertainment/enjoyment reasons. 

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