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With conference season in full swing and with so many now happening, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on where, never mind attending them. So, we thought it’s the perfect opportunity to jump in and share the tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way to make sure you’re not missing out even when you’re sitting at the office desk! 

Watch Co-Founder, Baillie Buchanan & Client Development Associate, Katelyn Jones in the short video below, and if you have any thoughts – Say Hi! 

[0:04] Baillie Buchanan: Hi market research industry friends and colleagues. Welcome back to another virtual chat. This time we’re hitting up the conference circuit topic which is very relevant to today with Quirks starting. I’m joined again by Katelyn Jones, one of our client development associates, and we’re lucky enough to be in the same place today. So that’s fun! So, Katelyn you’re gearing up to hit Quirks in Brooklyn, I sadly won’t be there. So we thought it would be interesting to talk just briefly about how to take advantage of conferences even when you’re not actually attending in person. So, I think there’s a lot of takeaways and people kind of caught on to posting recaps and other things so… are conferences something that use to keep current even if you’re not there there? And kind of, how do you glean information?

[1:04]Katelyn Jones: So those recaps videos are actually really helpful. So individual firms, sample suppliers, they’re usually doing on their Linkedin or Twitter, social media channels, YouTube channels a video recap of their booth at the conference, any really important announcements that were made are typically included in most people’s video recap. So I find those to be a good way to, even when you’re not at the conference figure out what happened, what was relevant, and takeaways you need to know. It’s also a good talking points for later… “Hey did you see this brand announced X?” Things of that nature so for Quirks London, it was great to be able to watch YouTube videos even if you can’t go you’ll be able to experience it through their point of view.

[1:50]Baillie Buchanan: Yeah, I totally agree, I think it’s great that people are distributing that content and a lot of the conferences have started sharing their recordings of some of the sessions which I think is super helpful, we’ve used that as a training module as well where we have new people coming on who are trying to figure out the industry, having them watch a few specific talks that were really pertinent and relevant and it’s just a great way to kind of keep up with trends and hear what everyone’s talking about because there’s so many conferences it’s actually impossible to be at every conference because there’s so many now that they overlap and everything else. So yeah that’s great! I would say for me also, following the conference’s hashtag on twitter that even allows you to sometimes engage with the conference as it’s happening. I’ve seen people ask questions to the presenters based on other things that people are tweeting out, you can figure out what the handles are of the talk speakers and things like that too. So that is super helpful. We actually wrote a whole blog post about this, probably more than a year ago now, we’ll link to that below but it’s got some kind of general tips and tricks for engaging with the conference and how to glean the most information you can when you can’t be there in person. Otherwise, Katelyn best of luck next week if you see Katelyn, Say Hi!

[3:13]Katelyn Jones: Please!

[3:15]Baillie Buchanan: I think we’ll be back again in about a week with our own conference recap

[3:19]Katelyn Jones: Yeah.

[3:19]Baillie Buchanan: From Quirks, so we’ll see what Katelyn learned from being there in person!

[3:24]Katelyn Jones: Look forward to seeing you guys!

[3:25]Ballie Buchanan: Cool – Thanks everybody! Bye!

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