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Whether it’s red velvet, carrot or a classic Victoria sponge, November 26th is a day that’s dedicated to celebrating the sugary satisfaction of cake.

At RFG, we wanted a slice of the action and decided to run a study to investigate who has the sweetest tooth between millennial men and women, and how their cake eating habits compare.  

Reaching 750 men, and 750 women we asked the following questions:

  1. How often do you eat cake?
  2. On what occasion do you mostly eat cake?
  3. What is your favourite flavour of cake?
  4. Do you prefer homemade cake (by family/friends) or bought-in cake?

Discover the insights in our white paper below.

But in the meantime… here are a few stats that we think you ought to dough know.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a cake from a supermarket to celebrate Cake Day this year, think again! 44.93% of respondents selected homemade when asked: “Do you prefer homemade cake (by family/friends) or bought-in cake?”

Whilst just under a quarter of respondents (23.47%) do not need an occasion to eat cake, it’s birthdays that 59.27% recognise as the occasion they mostly eat cake.

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