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To celebrate the International Coffee Day (1st October 2018) we decided to look into the caffeine-drinking habits of our millennials… We ran a mini-study across the United States and asked 2,500x 18-35 year-olds these three questions:

  1. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
  2. How much a week do you usually spend when going out for coffee?
  3. What type of coffee beverage is your favourite?

Here is a topline look at the results, and you can download the white-paper below for a more in-depth breakdown!

When we asked: “How many cups of coffee a day do you drink?” a massive 76% of millennials confirmed that they are coffee drinkers with the split going:
Millennial Coffee Habits
A coffee a day can be costly, especially if you are dropping into a coffee-shop for it! We asked: “How much a week do you usually spend when going out for coffee?” to better understand the retail value of our caffeinated consumers.
Millennial Coffee Habits
Other = respondents who don’t go out for coffee & those who don’t drink coffee.
There are so many different types of coffee available that we are spoilt for choice. When we asked: “What type of coffee beverage is your favourite?” 15% of millennials opted for an iced coffee over other favourites such as Americano or Cappuccino. The full split was:
Millennial Coffee Habits
Interested in seeing the full split of each of these questions, including who purchases more coffee M/F – then be sure to download the white paper through the form below! RFG is a full-service online research company who is ready to help with your next project…  Need a millennial study? Or any other audience (no matter how niche)? We have hundreds of data points that means reaching the right respondents is easier than you think! Just SAY HI!
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