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How we spend our money tells us a great deal about our habits, interests and our priorities. Which is why we can never seem to get enough insights into how much pet owners will spend a month on their pets, or how much men will spend on their next family car. But what about how we spend for fun?

With 78% of RFG’s sample of moms being the primary financial decision maker of the household, that comes with a lot of responsibility – so if they were given an extra $10,000 to spend on themselves for fun, how would they spend it?

 We asked 1,000 U.S. moms exactly that! Take a look at our top takeaways below…

By splitting our answers into three categories, we found that just under 2 thirds would spend the money ‘sensibly’, followed by 17.7% spending it ‘crazily’, and 15.1% spending it ‘selfishly’!

The maternal extinct is clear amongst the 1,000 U.S. moms asked, with two of the top three ways to spending $10,000 for fun is revolved around their families. Whilst the least popular include throwing a party (0.8%), gambling the money (1.1%) and purchasing a new wardrobe (2.2%)

In addition, we learned that it was an equal split amongst moms between spending the money with their family, or on themselves…

Of the 50% of moms spending the money on themselves, the majority of moms would spend it on an experience (31.60%) followed by over a quarter investing in education, a new skill or their well being (28.60%), and spending on material goods (11.60%). Lesser popular ways to spending included taking a long holiday by themselves (8.80%), donating to charity (5.8%), spending on surgery (5.4%), purchasing a new wardrobe (4.4%), gambling (2.2%) and throwing a party (1.6%).

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