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For some moms, the perfect holiday could mean a relaxing three-day wellness retreat with girlfriends or a family holiday consisting of sand-castles and popsicles. Either way, for most mothers a holiday is a staple in the calendar year. We wanted to find out what some moms were planning in 2019 for their holiday, so we focused on those who are also the financial decision-makers for their house – and asked these three questions.
  • How much do you expect to spend this year on all potential holidays?
  • What holidays are you planning to take this year?
  • What’s the most important factor when deciding on a holiday?
Our slick little white paper shows the details of who said what about where… and you can get some teasers below. 
Whether it’s 1 holiday or 4, we wanted to understand how much mothers will be spending this year. By asking “How much do you expect to spend this year on all potential holidays?” (Travelling, food, accommodation etc) we discovered that 25% will be expecting to spend $1000-$1999.
Asking the multi-select question of “what holidays are you planning to take this year?” we found a huge 75% of mothers said that they will be taking a family holiday, whilst only 18% said they will be taking an adventure holiday.
There’s a lot to consider when arranging a holiday, so we asked “what’s the most important factor when deciding on a holiday?” with location (36%) appearing to be the most popular, and duration being a less important factor to consider (3%)
If you want to find out how these moms compare – with breakdowns of 1, 2 and 3+ kids, then download our white paper below. RFG is an online sample and fieldwork solutions and if you are looking to reach mothers, we want to know! With over 22 million respondents in 13 countries Say Hi to speak to our friendly and experienced team so that we can support your projects for 2019.


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