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We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have agreed to join our upcoming webinar “Power of Positive Respondent Experience: How to Improve the Survey Experience & Why You Should Care” on Thursday, July 26th at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST.

Presentation 1: The Future of Respondent Engagement: Motivating Respondents to Participate in Market Research by Adam Froman – Delvinia

While digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way companies can capture the voice of the customer, the challenge is to understand the underlying motivation for consumers to participate in market research in the digital age. Given this changing environment, Delvinia wanted to understand how to motivate Canadians to share their opinions. We partnered with Ryerson University and secured funding from the Canadian Federal Economic Development Agency to undertake a study using AskingCanadians, our proprietary online research community, to fundamentally understand the motivational drivers to engage consumers to participate in research. Delvinia CEO Adam Froman worked with Dr. Mary Foster, Professor of Marketing at the Ted Rogers School of Management, to look at why people participate in market research from the participant’s perspective. In this presentation, Adam will share the findings of this groundbreaking research and examples of how this knowledge can be applied to increase participation rates.

Speaker Bio: Adam Froman has always believed that digital platforms can be used to create meaningful, human connections between companies and their customers and it is this philosophy that he has applied to his organization. In 1998, Adam established Delvinia, a Toronto-based digital strategy and customer experience design firm that helps its clients like RBC Royal Bank, Microsoft and Rogers respond to the opportunities and challenges that digital technologies bring to customer relationships. As a means to gain consumer insight, he created the AskingCanadians™ online research community of 160,000 Canadians, which offers a range of innovative data collection tools and Voice of the Customer platforms.

Adam’s association memberships include the Canadian Marketing Association, Esomar and the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) where he is a director of the MRIA’s Research Agency Council.

Presentation 2:  Drive Respondent Engagement through Online Community Experience by Jason Butka – ThinkPassenger 

People enjoy experiences.  Survey respondents are people.  Learn how a community strategy meets quantitative survey needs as well as qualitative exploration in a centralized place that provides a unique and valuable experience for the people!

Speaker Bio: Over the past 15 years, Jason Butka has cultivated a deep knowledge and understanding of the marketing, research and innovation challenges of Fortune 500 brands. Through his sales, marketing and research experience Jason has become an expert in creating custom, online community solutions that enable world-class brands to truly engage with their target audiences, ultimately driving measurable and enduring growth for their brand.



Presentation 3:  The Top 5 Things Respondents Wish You Knew: Tips & Tricks for Improving Online & Mobile Respondent Engagement by Kristin Luck – Decipher

Improve respondent engagement in online and mobile surveys in five easy steps. From questionnaire design to recruitment emails and even post survey relationship management, you’ll learn five easy to implement tips and tricks for keeping respondents engaged and coming back for more.

Speaker Bio: As President, Kristin Luck serves as Decipher’s brand evangelist. Kristin’s diverse background includes a strong technical knowledge of online research systems and new product development, combined with traditional research experience.

Kristin has helped blaze a new paradigm for online research tools and data reporting and has infused traditional corporate planning and product development with a bold usage of new and developing technologies and research methods. The result has been the creation of world class research and development teams that specialize in innovative research solutions combined with cutting edge technologies.

Kristin is a regular speaker at industry conferences and a columnist for Research Business Report where she explores emerging research methods. She’s a 2010 recipient of the American Marketing Association’s 4 Under 40 Award, is a 2010 Stevie Awards finalist and was recently named to Oregon’s Accomplished Under 40.

We hope you will join us for this free, informative webinar on July 26th. To register click here.


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