Interactive Survey Programming Capabilities

Heat Mapping

Our powerful image map option allows respondents to indicate exactly which areas of your concept or image they like or dislike. A heat map is automatically generated for each image for easy visualization of your respondents’ feedback.

Simulated Online Shopping

Take respondents on a simulated shopping trip through an online store, allowing them to look over products, inspect them up close and add as many as they want to their shopping cart. A subtotal is automatically calculated, so respondents can easily see how much they’ve bought before “checking out”.

Information recorded in the survey data includes how many of each item were bought, as well as what order items were clicked in and how long each item was viewed for.

Digital Magazine

Allow respondents to view a multi-page magazine, just like how they would turn over the pages of a real one. Each page can be zoomed in, showing greater detail as needed. Information about how long each page has been viewed and how many times the respondent has turned over to view it, is automatically collected in the survey data.

Embedded Video (or other media)

Show respondents videos in whatever size you want. Don’t worry about device compatibility – our video player automatically scales to the screen size of the respondent’s device.

You choose whether respondents can view the video in full screen, whether they can pause and whether they can replay the video. You can hide the continue button until the entire video is played. You can even add a watermark to the video for added security.

In addition, our media evaluator question allows you to gather second by second feedback on your video concept from respondents, showing you exactly how they feel as the video progresses.

Respondent File Upload

There are different options for accepting file uploads from respondents. It is easy to collect video testimonials and general file uploads from any capable device. Add a human element to the feedback you’re gathering.

Text Highlighting

Our text highlighter tool allows you to get detailed feedback on your text concepts. Allow respondents to highlight single words separately, or make whole phrases and sentences highlightable as a single item. Add as many different color markers as needed.