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This month our very own Client Development Associate Katelyn Jones attended The Quirks Event in Brooklyn. Following on from our previous soundbite discussing how to make the most of conferences when you’re not attending, Katelyn joined RFG’s Co-Founder Baillie Buchanan to give her take on the conference, and what the topic was that was on everyone’s mind this year. 

[0:04] Baillie Buchanan: Hi market research industry friends and colleagues, welcome back to another virtual chat. This time we’re revisiting the topic of conferences. Today I’m again joined by Katelyn Jones, one of our client development associates here at Research For Good. Last week Katelyn and I talked about how and why to engage with conferences while they’re going on even if you’re not attending. But now, Katelyn you’ve actually just returned from Quirks Brooklyn so we wanted to get an update to how the conference was, having actually been there! So tell us! How was it?

[0:40] Katelyn Jones:  Yeah, the conference was great, it was really nice to actually out a Linkedin face to an actual face and be able to get that real-time response from customers and see them in a sociable environment and really get an idea of what they’re looking for and also what, not customers, but really what just the industry is doing.

[1:04] Baillie Buchanan: Yeah, so on that, what were the top one or two topics that you noted everyone was talking about.

[1.11] Katelyn Jones: Yeah, so a couple topics that I noticed coming up really throughout various sessions or at different booths was utilising AI and social data gathering for collecting insights on consumers. So in the industry we’re all trying to keep up or find what technology is moving towards in order to keep up with the audiences we’re all trying to reach and so AI and social data were discussed as really the next way in what to look out for, and it appeared really to be on everyone’s mind at Quirks this year.

[1:45] Baillie Buchanan: Nice! And did you have any ‘Aha!’ moments for yourself where you know something either fell into place for you or sparked a great idea?

[1:55] Katelyn Jones: Yeah, there wasn’t anything that necessarily sparked a great idea,as I was really trying to take it all in but I did love learning about the different types of research that have been going on for quite a while but just getting more of those professional spins on it. For example, Michelle at HCD Research had a really great session on the different types of neuro research,and the pros and cons to face mapping, eye tracking and more for gathering data. And then in addition QualQuant’s strategies presented an interesting idea that their surveys are the best method – to get the best of qualitative and quantitative and that’s sparked a couple of ‘aha’ moments for me I guess.

[2:40] Baillie Buchanan: Nice! And how about, where you inspired by anything in particular?

[2:48] Katelyn Jones: Yeah! So also in sessions there were a couple different firms that discussed what made them choose sample suppliers that they’ve worked with for a specific case study that they’re presenting on. Or, for regular work and their reasoning specifically inspired me, these people talked about that they chose their sample suppliers due to their desire to really learn their business and collaborate with them and I took that to heart and so, I’m really going to apply that to our existing customer base and really any new opportunities that come up but it was great since I’ve only had the sample side experience to get the other side and what they’re really looking for from me in order for us to really support each other so that was my inspirational moment I guess.

[3:33] Baillie Buchanan:  Nice, that’s awesome. And it’s nice that the buyers are realising that and being more vocal about how important that is to them because I think the more we hear from buyers the suppliers who attend these conferences can better tailor our services and offerings to really what it is they need instead of kind of pushing stuff at them, it’s more of a pull scenario where they’re pulling in or making it known like what they want to see from the supplier side.  So that’s great! So, thank you so much Katelyn. For those of you who are watching did you attend Quirks? Have you attended any other conferences recently if so what were your takeaways and if not have you used any of our advice from last week on still engaging with a conference in some way if so let us know if it worked for you and as always we love your feedback so until next time keep doing good MRX!

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