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It is no surprise that we, as market researchers (and marketers), try hard to understand Millennial Moms. It is also no surprise why. It is a widely accepted (but somewhat dated) fact that women make the majority of purchase decisions for their household. They shop for themselves, for the kids, for partners, pets and guests. Their opinion is worth a lot to us so we have to ask ourselves: are we connecting with them in the best way we can?

We asked our moms if they think that they are targeted correctly. Here is what they had to say…

I think it panders and talks down to me. I’d much rather see advertising that reached out to both moms and dads and same sex couples instead. It reinforces stereotypes that annoy me and I don’t relate to.

The targeting either shows the “perfect” mom who absolutely loves being a mother or one that seems completely overwhelmed and stressed and neither of those is me. Also most advertising seems to target moms as their main identity when I think of myself as a lot of different things and only to my son am I really mom.

There are so many types of moms now-a-days but advertisers are still targeting those ‘stay at home’ moms that do everything from cooking to cleaning to taking care of their children while being perfect. NOT TRUE!

The millennial mom is not one who identifies as having the toughest job in the world, they are working moms, busy moms, modern moms, so it is important that we reach them in a modern way.

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38% of our moms said that Social Media is the medium through which they see the majority of advertising. The other 62% was through Broadcast, Print, VOD and online combined. This, combined with saying that they turn to friends on Facebook when looking for product recommendations, makes social media an important tool for marketing and market research.

96% said that they have up to 2 hours of personal time a day, which isn’t much, so their free time is important to them. So we need to ensure that if we hope to use this precious free time to gain insights, we do it in the best, most efficient way possible. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are next connecting with the modern mom.

  • Modern Moms are busy, the best way to reach them is through SHORT, mobile optimized, platforms
  • Modern Moms are connected, as Neilson says “recommendations from friends remain the most credible form of advertising among consumers”
  • Modern Moms aren’t just Moms, they don’t lose their identity as women as soon as they become a parent

As you can see, reaching the mom is not what it used to be. Today’s moms are tech savvy and use a variety of channels to gather information. To successfully reach them marketeers need to adopt an approach that combines traditional and innovative methods while utilizing technology.

Here are some brands that clearly took the time to understand the millennial mom:

Band Aid

Band Aid successfully integrate technology into their brand with some easy to use Augmented Reality which entertains the kids and distracts them from their injury.

John Lewis

A heartfelt ad that shows a modern family as it focuses on the life of the matriarchal figure: a modern working mom.


A refreshing and grounded approach to representing moms in the media. It’s cheeky tone perfectly portrays the realistic balance every modern mom faces.


A service that is perfectly tailored for the busy mom. Using fashion experts who understand your style, they ship out bespoke items based on your taste.

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