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We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have agreed to join our upcoming webinar “Innovations in Research: Round 2” on Wednesday, September 19th at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST.

Presentation 1: Using Tablet Technology to Improve Respondent Feedback by Sammy Dunne, ChatterInc.

This presentation shows how one firm has leveraged tablet technology to dramatically increase respondent engagement and thereby improve the quality of research insights. Focus groups work great, but they’re not perfect. One problem — respondents fatigue easily, and that leads to sloppy feedback.  

Speaker Bio: 

Sammy Dunne is Chatter’s SVP of Consumer Insights operating out of its San Francisco Office. In this capacity, Sammy brings a wealth of research and planning  experience to Chatter, delivering strategic insights that drive client business objectives. She counts among her clients Visa, Del Monte Foods, LifeCell, Dell, Starbucks, Williams-Sonoma and T-Mobile.

Prior to Chatter, Sammy was an integral member of the leadership team at Greenberg Brand Strategy, where she helped propel Greenberg from a fledgling qualitative shop to a global, full-service research and strategic consultancy.

Prior to Greenberg, she was a Strategic Planner at Hal Riney & Partners Advertising where she contributed to the brand building efforts of such clients as General Motor’s Saturn brand, First Union National Bank, PBS, Mirage Resorts and a host of other nationally recognized brands.  Sammy holds a BA from Boston College.

Presentation 2:  Innovations in Mobile Feedback by Dana Stanley, Survey Analytics

As mobile devices become more integrated into our daily lives, the opportunities increase for getting consumer feedback via mobile devices. Learn about some of the latest innovations in mobile feedback-gathering, including: passive mobile data collection, mobile panels, mobile gamification, mobile qualitative, QR code surveys, tablet field interviewing and more.

Speaker Bio: Dana Stanley is Vice President of Marketing at feedback software provider Survey Analytics and Editor-in-Chief of Research Access.  Dana has worked nearly 20 years in political polling and corporate market research.  Prior to Research Access and Survey Analytics Dana ran a consultancy called the Operandi Group, and he worked for online panel companies Research Now and Greenfield Online.  You can follow Dana on Twitter at @DanaMStanley. Dana is a graduate of Bowdoin College and a resident of Maine, home of the best lobsters in the world.

Presentation 3:  Give Your Surveys a Biometric Boost by Alex Slater, Realeyes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover and measure the subconscious emotional response of the consumer to marketing stimuli remotely online? Realeyes uses computer vision to read people’s faces and to measure what emotions they’re feeling. Eye-tracking and emotions provide a wealth of information which can be used to make better design and marketing decisions. Learn how this technlogy will change the face of online data collection in the years to come.

Speaker Bio: Like the rest of the team at Realeyes, Alex does not come from a research background.  Like a moth to a flame, Alex is attracted to risk and reward and has been involved in a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits in his colorful career.  Being a start-up, his remit at Realeyes is broad.  Aside from getting balls rolling and keeping plates spinning, he also acts as an internal litmus test:  if he can understand it, everyone else should have no problem!

We hope you will join us for this free, informative webinar on September 19th.

To register click here.

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