ResearchTech Pioneer Delvinia Partners With Research For Good

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Research For Good is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with data collection firm, Delvinia. Thanks to the support and dedication of our clients and team, RFG is evolving our business to technology development which will enable market researchers and data professionals to collect, understand and act on consumer data in new and innovative ways. 

Delvinia is the first external organization to integrate our technology platform into their business, to accellerate global expansion, innovation and growth. Together, Delvinia and RFG are shaping the future of insights with commitment to quality and putting brands at the forefront of customer insight. 

Below is the full text of the announcement release. To find out how Research For Good’s suite of technology can accellerate your insights development, please contact us at



Delvinia to accelerate its international expansion through integration of RFG’s innovative technology

TORONTO, July 10, 2019 – Coming on the heels of a year in which the company continued its double-digit growth, technology and data collection firm Delvinia is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Research For Good (RFG). Delvinia sought to partner with a research technology innovator that would further expand its global automation platform offering and accelerate its rapid growth, solidifying its position as one of the world’s leading ResearchTech firms. 

The alliance brings together two industry veterans intent on advancing the transformation of the market research industry with a focus on automation, integration and quality to support customers’ ever changing needs. Speaking on the partnership, Adam Froman, CEO of Delvinia explained, “The market research industry has been slow to evolve, but momentum or automated solutions has been building over the past few years. In Research For Good we’ve found a synergistic technology partner that, like us, want to be a market leader driving the industry forward through innovations in research technology.”

Delvinia’s recent success is marked by the growth of its automated market research platform, Methodify. Delvinia will integrate RFG’s advanced automation and data collection tools and technologies into its platform business. This will accelerate Delvinia’s ability to merge client research methodologies and data collection technologies that further power real-time decision making for brands through Methodify. Additionally, RFG’s automated solutions will provide significant operational efficiencies for all Delvinia’s data collection businesses as it continues to scale globally. Both companies are excited about the prospect for enhanced global capabilities to better service clients and expand into new markets. 

“While Research For Good is well-known for our online sample and being socially responsible, we have built our business on a world-class technology platform and are thrilled that Delvinia sees the benefit of licensing it to power Methodify. We have developed a powerful suite of technology solutions to enable faster, more efficient data collection,” said Baillie Buchanan, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Research For Good. “Now, combined with Methodify’s award-winning research automation platform, our suite of technology solutions will further enable real-time decision making, putting brands at the forefront of customer insight.” 

Through this strategic partnership, RFG will continue to fuel R&D, innovating new transformational technologies and tools, while Methodify remains resolute in delivering faster data collection to power better decision making. 

Froman continues, “This is a natural alignment for the two companies. In working with RFG, our focus will be kept squarely on progressing toward our ideal vision—to move the market research industry forward, delivering faster, stronger, and more responsive results for our clients.”

About Delvinia

An authority on the data economy, Delvinia is at the forefront of leading companies through this age of data and digital technology. The company seeks to reinvent how data is being collected and used to underpin business decision-making at every level. For more information on Delvinia’s suite of products and services, visit

About Research For Good

Research For Good is dedicated to providing sample, fieldwork and technology solutions for the market research industry. Efficient, elegant technology enables the company to deliver data and insights at speed and scale, while making a corporate donation with every completed survey. For more information on Research For Good’s solutions, services and platform, visit

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