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Respect the Respondent!  We heard it at Samplecon ‘17. We heard it at London Insights ‘17. We heard it at IIeX NA ‘17.

RFG Co-founder Baillie Buchanan details in her Sample Company Call Out ways in which sample companies, like ourselves, can be more than just suppliers; but rather experts in our field. This includes highlighting ways in which the survey experience can be improved so that we are making the best impression we can with our respondents. After all, as we have heard time and time again: a good survey experience will reap good quality data.

So, what 3 simple rules can we follow to ensure our respondents are happy and continue to give us their time?

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1. Make the survey more engaging

Surveys have the potential to be, dare I say it, annoying. Grid after grid, scale after scale… why not mix it up a bit. Include more pictures or use icons and emojis. Challenge your participants to attach a picture. Take your respondent on an interactive shopping trip. All these can break away from the “grid” format and make for a more exciting survey experience.

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2. Be upfront with the expected time

We are busy people who have busy lives. Our respondents are no different. nothing is more frustrating when you are told something will take 20 minutes but actually ends up taking 30 or 40. a frustrated respondent is more likely to disengage or drop off. During the testing period why not time yourself or a colleague (or better yet your mom) while trying your own survey?

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3. Scrap the long survey

More questions do not equate to more data. Repetitious, compound and confusing questions not only add more time to the survey (which costs more money) but it also heightens the chances that the respondent will disconnect with your survey and the brand. Keep the questions focused and necessary.

The “Respect the Respondent” message is repeated almost as many times as some of the questions in our surveys. :P. But as Baillie says, we (sample companies) need to start carving our own place at the table. That is why we at RFG are putting our money where our proverbial mouth is. Not only do we offer industry leading sample, we also have incredible Programming and Hosting capabilities that will ensure your survey is optimized for survey engagement.

We can custom our Programming & Hosting capabilities to meet your needs or you can select one of our incredible off-the-shelf packages below:

Want to get started with your next online project and take advantage of one of our amazing packages, then drop us a message now.

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