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RFG is proud to announce the launch of DataForce, a modular suite of research platforms to enable innovative active data acquisition, sample and fieldwork management, and research platform automation. Powered by an elegant microservices infrastructure DataForce’s modules DataForce Connect, DataForce Collect, and DataForce Community offer solutions for the entire research operations lifecycle. Clients can now benefit from our scalable platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to enable their own growth, research product development, and overall operational efficiency.

Below is the full text of the announcement release. To get a first-look at DataForce in action, please contact us at

Research For Good Announces DataForce: Suite of Tools Includes Fully-Automated Respondent Ecosystem and Revolutionary Sampling Automation

SEATTLE, Wash — Today, Research For Good (RFG) announced the launch of DataForce, a suite of data acquisition and research tools built to facilitate innovative sample and fieldwork management. DataForce Connect, DataForce Collect, and DataForce Community will provide users with a modular suite of purpose-built tools to enable respondent acquisition, community management, automation of sample supply, and demand, as well as optimize the full research project lifecycle from bid to billing. 

“Today’s research business leader needs to build resiliency into their business. Resiliency facilitated by the flexibility to drive growth and foster innovation,” RFG COO Baillie Buchanan said. “DataForce enables our clients to optimize the efficiency of their research operations, maximize the ROI of their communities, and easily build and integrate new research tech as their client’s needs evolve.” 

Unique in the Market Research industry tech stack, DataForce’s modules are available as both a suite of off-the-shelf, Software as a Service (SaaS), or as API driven Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. DataForce as a PaaS offers a micro-services built back-end infrastructure to facilitate product development for agencies looking to build proprietary and agile research products of their own. 

DataForce Connect innovations include a fully-automated respondent ecosystem, predictive feasibility across disparate sampling methodologies, and end-to-end workflow optimization. 

DataForce Community is a full-featured community management platform built on an elegant and flexible back-end to remove limitations often seen in currently available options. Included is a completely reimagined system for survey invitations and matching via an automated sampling system that eliminates respondent-survey mismatch and maximizing the contribution of every participant. 

“Automated Sampling grew from a specific client concern about participant-to-survey matching and led to a revolution in panel participation efficiency,” Buchanan said. “Together with our customers, we aim to apply these same development principles across a myriad of today’s data acquisition headaches.”

DataForce Collect enables active data acquisition; boasting unlimited question structures, device type capabilities, and adaptability to various engagement methodologies. An elegant library system minimizes programming time and enables an array of improvements to the survey experience. For those looking to accelerate time to market for proprietary research product development, DataForce Collect’s future-focused architecture is licensable as a development foundation.

Research For Good launched in 2012 and provides project management, survey fieldwork, and research technology. The company has been building proprietary technology since 2013 in order to facilitate their own growth and vision for active data acquisition. DataForce RFG enables clients to leverage proven software development expertise and experience in order to accelerate their own efficiency, innovation, and time to market.

About Research For Good

Research For Good enables human understanding through DataForce, our future-forward active data acquisition platform. In addition, RFG’s experienced team provides respondents and fieldwork solutions using the DataForce platform. Efficient, flexible, modular, and built on today’s most advanced technology, DataForce enables insights at speed and scale. Mission-driven at heart, RFG makes a corporate donation to charity for every survey completed in DataForce.

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