The next time you’re shopping at the mall, take a look around. How many sharp-dressed market researchers, armed with with perfect pitches and coloured clipboards, do you see?  

As insight-driven organisations embrace trends and innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and VR, MRX is moving faster than an everyday Twitter feed.

At RFG, we’ve kept up with the momentum to better understand customers and stay ahead of fast-paced change.

Here are the five innovative ways we’re embracing new trends and innovation in MRX right now.



We’ve developed a unique, respondent-friendly means of engagement

Our Hybrid Methodology encourages respondents to engage with interactive surveys via mobile, social, apps, games, and reward sites. This equips our clients with a greater representation of the online population they’re targeting.

Before being presented with surveys, every respondent must opt-in, accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and pass our quality checks.


We’ve devised a three-tier quality standard to ensure quality sample

We don’t expect clients to spend time and money scrubbing clean the sample they pay for. Our Three Pillars of Sample Quality standard alleviates the headaches caused by sourcing quality data, and ensures clients get accurate, representative sample for their buck.

We know that quality people, plus quality service, equals quality sample. And when a client chooses to have us program and host their survey, features like Straight Liner Checks and Trap Questions ensure only happy, representative audiences share their insight.


We’ve adopted an incentive model that ensures everybody wins

Not only does every project clients launch via RFG deliver valuable insights. Every time a respondent completes a client’s survey via RFG, not only do they get a personal reward. A charitable donation is also made by us on their behalf.

One complete at a time, our 1 for 1 incentive model has been with us since we started five years ago. As of 2016, 100% of all donations currently go to our singular charity partner, Action Against Hunger.


We’re embracing all new waves of automated, technological change

Be it asking a mom to take a survey about baby milk on a home smart device, like Alexa, or prompting college students to give their answers to questions via VR headsets, we are always thinking about ways to stay in-tune with future, automated technologies.

Using technologies such as Digital Fingerprinting, GEO-IP Validation, and SecureGeoIPour platform weeds out wasted sample, reduces fraudulent respondents and survey abandonment, and ensures perfect respondents are ready to share insights at the time clients need them.


We’re supporting clients on their quest for quality, automated sample

We know first-hand that clients are actively seeking more efficient means of buying quality sample. On request from our clients, we developed an intuitive DIY Sample Buying tool as a better way to serve them.

Our always-on, do-it-yourself sample buying portal, The Sample Place, gives users complete control over their own sampling process. Intuitive and automated solution, the solution amplifies the research process, equipping users with innovative tools they can use to better organize their specifics.

The Future of MRX is Here!

By keeping in-tune with the latest emerging technologies, we position ourselves firmly as a leading innovator in the global MRX marketplace.

As people worldwide continue to welcome technological change into every aspect of their lives, there’s never been a better opportunity to embrace change, and new trends and innovations.

Be the positive change for your organisation and clients today!

If you’re looking to stay afloat in the deep sea of fast-paced MRX change, we’ve got your back!

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