Did you know? In 2016, the Market Research industry generated almost 45 billion USD in global revenue.

But it’s not all profits and office parties.

Countless organizations are still burning their carefully calculated budgets on traditional means of sourcing sample. 

That’s why, here at Research for Good, we strive daily to reinvent the wheels of Market Research.


Digital Outreach Goes Beyond Email Panels

Insight-driven businesses are today utilizing 21st-century technologies, to help better understand customers. 

That said, our in-house experts have developed a unique, respondent-friendly means of engaging our clients’ audience.

Introducing our Hybrid Respondent Recruitment Methodology


How It Works

Our methodology encourages respondents to engage with interactive surveys via mobile, social media, apps and games, and reward sites.

This equips our clients with a greater representation of the online population they’re targeting.

Every respondent must opt-in, accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and pass our diligent quality checks – before they’re presented with surveys.

RFG Sample Methodology

Quality Assurance Is Our Bag

When it comes to Quality Assurance, we know what we’re talking about. 

We don an impressive tool belt of industry standards – to gather quality sample and prevent fraudulent respondents from entering surveys.

Our extensive, hands-on knowledge of the industry has taught us that surveys must be secure, responsive, and completely bug-free.

We’ve also learned that they must be aesthetically pleasing and engaging for every respondent. 


Gamers Love Us

To date, we’ve reached out to more than 9 million gaming respondents across 13 countries. 

Our success story is short. We bring surveys to the digital environments familiar to gamers. 

Picture the scene…

Engrossed in an app-based game, you whizz through levels. Until your winning streak is cut short by a challenging objective. In-game accessories and upgrades can help you progress. However, these come at a cost. With no spare cash, what do you do?

Instead of buying upgrades and accessories, we pitch them as free incentives, in return for participation in surveys.

We reach out to respondents at times we know they’re most willing to engage in surveys. 

This results in higher engagement and completion rates – and higher quality data.


Mums Love Us Too

According to the USDA’s Cost of Raising a Child report, children born in 2012 cost close to $242,000 for necessities over their next 17 years.

Such rising statistics shine  light on why millions of moms worldwide are taking advantage of reward sites.

More than 4.5 million moms engage with us regularly as a method of earning rewards such as coupons.

On completion of an RFG survey, pre-selected rewards are redeemed in real-time.


Embrace Change Today

With a reported 80% of connected consumers now using a mobile phone to go online weekly, our experts know that quality sample goes beyond generic Email Panels. 

As tech-savvy consumers continue to embrace a never-ending selection of affordable smart devices, our Hybrid Methodology ensures quality sample is collected from digital sources.

Interested in seeing how RFG’s sample compares? Check out our ‘Research On Research’ documentation (below) – which puts our sample composition against four leading sample providers – comparing quality, demographic, usage & attitudinal responses.   

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