“The kids need new school shoes.”

“I’ve got my sights on a case of ice-cold Bud Light today!”

“We’ve gotta get groceries at the store.”


Did you know? An estimated 71% of consumers shop with a definitive to-do scenario in mind.

For online Market Researchers, “We need consistent, high-quality sample”, is an everyday to-do.

When companies invest their hard-earned money on sample – they expect to get accurate, quality data for their buck. Not messy sample littered with biased results, that essentially costs more time and money.

Here at RFG, our experts have felt first-hand the tension headaches caused by sourcing quality data.

That’s why we’ve devised a three-tier quality standard referred to internally (until now!) as, “The Three Pillars of Quality Sample“.


Quality Sample Is Our Thing

In the world of market research, accurate, quality data is everything. It ensures the quality of results, quality findings, and quality recommendations.

According to the International Data Group, the self-proclaimed “#1 Tech Media Company in the World”, poor data quality is one of modern-day marketer’s primary concerns.

That said, we don’t expect our clients to spend any time scrubbing clean the data they pay for, before they can use it. For us, perfectly validated data walks hand-in-hand with our service.

The Three Pillars of Quality Sample are structured like so.

Pillar One: Automation
Pillar Two: Process
Pillar Three: Tools


Pillar One: Automation

RFG three pillars automation quality

A comprehensive suite of counter-fraud measures to keep sensitive data on lock-down, eliminate fraudulent respondents, and reduce survey abandonment.

We’ve utilised smart, automated technologies that match good respondents with the right surveys, at the right time.

Our purpose built, in-house proprietary platform ensures that only engaged and highly-qualified respondents can enter your survey. The platform weeds out wasted sample and ensures the best respondents for your survey are online and ready to share deep insights at the time you need them.

Including, but far from limited to, Proxy Survey Detection, Digital Fingerprinting, IP Filtering, and SecureGeolP ™, and GEO-IP Validation.

Contact Us for information on our Fraud Prevention Technologies.

Pillar Two: Process

A Swiss Army-esque series of processes that enable us to eliminate respondent enervation, and ensure our industry knowledge of survey best practices is shared with our customers.

Our team are educated and experienced in all avenues Market Research – providing quick but effective solutions to research-related questions or hiccups.

We’re well-versed in ideal respondent identification processes that match our screening criteria. This optimises our sample to meet the needs of the research project. We also proudly partner with our clients and provide them with survey optimisation feedback before, during and after each project. This ensures the highest quality respondents are participating in the highest quality surveys.

But that’s not all. We continually monitor respondent feedback collected at the end of each survey, to ensure respondents are happy. Because we know from first-hand experience that engaged and appreciated respondents provide the best insight.

Contact Us for more information.

rfg three pillars process quality

Pillar Three: Tools

RFG three pillars tools quality

A collection of error-prevention tools that work around the clock to correct and minimise any errors or impact on survey results – minimising sample bias and maintaining research integrity.

Including, but far from limited to, balanced starts, balanced completes, nested quotas, device type recognition, and more.

If a client also chooses to have RFG program and host the survey – they’ll benefit from features such as Soft Launch Data Checks, Straight Liner Checks, Speed Checks, and Trap Questions.

Contact Us for information on our Data Validation & Cleaning Practices.

Data Integrity Achieves Deep Understanding and Insight

According to ezlytix.com, world-renowned researcher – Arthur Nielson – said the following quote almost 60 years ago.

In analytics, the price of light is less than the cost of darkness”.

Today, in the world of Market Research, his every word holds just as much value.

We know from experience that 99% of all respondents are good, well-intentioned people. Completing surveys not just for coupons and in-game upgrades – but with genuine intention of helping others who can benefit from just a few minutes of their time.

That said – on the scale of a global survey, the remaining 1% of “bad” respondents doesn’t seem like much of an influence. But it takes just 1% of bad data to skew sample and deem survey campaigns more useless than a wooden frying pan.

When it comes to consistent, quality data, you can rely on RFG to source good, responsible respondents more trustworthy than your childhood friends.

Because quality people, plus quality service, equals quality sample.

We’ll safeguard the quality data you need with our lives!


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