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Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” And as much as he is spot on, we, at Research For Good, do not think the two are mutually exclusive…

Every time one of our trusted respondents completes a survey, not only do they get their own personal reward, but we also make a corporate donation to our charity partner, Action Against Hunger.

It is this combination of incentives (Personal Reward & Charitable Donation) – that makes RFG stand out from the crowd – so much so, that we put our sample to the test.

We asked an independent researcher to compare different incentives and run this survey by 1,200 people via four different sample companies.

The survey was designed to ask respondents about their preferences when it comes to how they are thanked for participating in surveys. The incentive models we tested were:

  • Cash/Gift Cards only
  • Charitable Donation only
  • Cash/Gift Card + Charitable Donation (set amount)
  • Cash/Gift Card OR Charitable Donation (respondent selects some or all of their earning to be given to charity)

The results are in and the majority (49%) of the respondents say that their preference of incentive is when there is a combination of Cash/Gift Card plus a Charitable Donation – while 43% of respondents prefer cash only. (2% selected Charity Only and 6% selected no preference).

What’s more, as the donation to charity is a corporate made one from RFG, and the respondent’s reward is not affected at all, our incentive model appeals to 92% of respondents!

The participants’ prefered option of incentive model is the very backbone of the RFG business ethos: provide great insights for research, respect the respondent & end world hunger.

The way we look at it: if the incentive provided does not affect the cost or quality of the sample, then it is a win-win for everyone to provide a fair reward for the respondent and also a corporate donation to charity.

Interested in learning more about this research, the RFG incentive model and how your next study can not only deliver great insights but also feed the hungry… then make sure you say hi!


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