by | May 15, 2017

Feedback from researchers and sample buyers in the market research industry points to continued constriction of timelines and resources. This has led industry innovator and global online sample provider Research For Good to launch The Sampling Place. The Sampling Place is a do-it-yourself sample buying portal, which gives users complete control over their own sampling process.

The always-on portal gives the ability to calculate feasibility using 100’s of pre-programmed data points from Research For Good’s respondent reach of over 16 million people. The clean, robust design easily lets the user launch, monitor, and make real-time adjustments to projects on their own schedule. Autonomous and intuitive, The Sampling Place is built upon Research For Good’s source-agnostic sample methodology, and industry leading breadth of recruitment. Sample buyers now have access to the broadest cross section of the online population, with the nuanced sampling controls needed to ensure high quality insights from thoughtful and engaged respondents.

With every survey complete purchased through the platform, Research For Good will make a corporate donation to their charity partner Action Against Hunger. Driving market research technology forward while engaging corporate funds in social causes puts Research For Good at the forefront of doing good in our industry. This is also the topic of discussion between co-founders Baillie Buchanan and Sean Case in our State of the Industry blog. If you would like to hear more about The Sampling Place please fill out the contact form below and someone will be in touch soon!

Co-founder discussion: The State of the Industry & The Sampling Place

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