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Selling in market research… how has it developed over time and what current trends are evolving? RFG’s CRO Baillie Buchanan, sits down with our Client Development Associates Kassi Cross and Katelyn Jones to discuss what demands they’re seeing in the space today, new trends and the added fourth pillar that goes alongside speed, price and quality…

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[0:04] Baillie Buchanan: Hey everyone, thanks for joining us again. We’ve shared a couple of our RFG conversations via video and have received some great feedback and engagement! We love hearing from you guys so please keep it coming. Due to the response we’ve had we are planning to make sharing our thoughts and take on the industry via video a regular occurrence, and we’d love to involve all of you, our colleagues in the market research industry as well. So if you have thoughts on a topic or issue you’d like discussed or if you’d like to participate in joining us as a guest please reach out via our social channels or email at Today I’m lucky enough to be joined by two members of our team Kassi Cross, and Katelyn Jones. Both Katelyn and Kassi are our client development associates with Research For Good and have been on the front lines of working with our clients. Given they’re so immersed in fieldwork and sampling we thought it would be great to hear from you both on trends you guys are seeing in the space. So to start, back many moons ago when I first entered market research space there was kind of this often quoted adage of you can have speed, price and quality but you can only pick two when it comes to sample buying and respondents. I’m starting to get the impression that there is a resonance of a fourth point which should be added and that’s service. Service to the sample buyer, perhaps a better term would be solutions. I feel like we’re seeing a lot of cases of really off the wall requests when it comes to sampling or finding the right audience, or inviting them to unique and different types of projects. DO you guys agree, and what are you guys seeing

[1:58] Katelyn Jones: Yeah I totally agree on that adage. In terms of the the four pillars that I think now should be included, and a lot of times people want 3 of those 4 now so it’s really expanding on that thought and how you can best deliver. In terms of the service portion for Research For Good, definitely we’re noticing that people are wanting a more consultative approach to their requests. They don’t just want a standard quote that can be thrown out to anybody. They want something that feels a little more custom to them. You know “hey we could do this, but if we did it ABC in this way you might get better results” and that’s why I think at a lot of times at Research For Good we’re always trained to ask more questions, “what kind of audience are you trying to reach?” “who are you looking to target?”, “what is the overall objective of the study?”, and that’s really so that more consultative approach can be put in because that is the need in the market right now.

[3:00] Kassi Cross: I would agree with that, I think after going to the IIEX conference last summer I was sitting around chatting with some sample buyers and I was new to the industry and was asking them what is important to you? What do you want from someone like me offering you sample, and across the table it was price, price, price, price. But it’s also how you approach the price, it’s not just giving you a straight number I want to know why that pricing is the way it is, can we have a conversation about price. Is this negotiable? I think there’s just a little bit of a need for conversation around everything. It can’t just be black and white, cut and dry. You have to know why they need a certain price, why do they have this budget or whatever it might be, it’s just asking those questions and understanding those three things and how those are important to them, and that adds to the service pillar.

[3:55] Baillie Buchanan: Yeah it’s no longer enough to just know your rate card…. Flip back a CPI. So, kind of taking that further you guys have to really understand the industry and trends and where things are going when it comes to sampling and respondent engagement and all of that. So kind of what trends are you guys seeing and is that different from maybe last year, versus how the beginning of this year is going and what trends you’re seeing. 

[4:28] Kassi Cross: For me, I’m seeing a lot more tech forward requests we have a lot more clients that are wanting or making their own platforms, and saying “can you integrate with my platform?” “can you do this?” and on top of that it’s the custom solutions but it’s just so much more tech forward and I think we’re only in February, we’re going to see so many innovations this year and how sample is bought whether that’s the DIY platforms, or online qual I think there’s just so many different, like the technologies is so important to our buyers right now that that’s seems to be the biggest trend for 2019, to me.

[5:07] Katelyn Jones: Completely agree with what Kassi said. I feel like that’s something that is constantly brought up, especially in first time conversations with customers about what, how do you get respondents, what sort of technology are you utilising, what can you offer me as a buyer, what kind of platforms can I use. And then in addition to that in terms of trends, even in the last 6 months I would say, quant is kind of going in the background and qualitative is definitely coming back again in terms of the primary type of research I’m seeing lately. I’m getting a lot of “you know, as an online sample provider, we’re joining in in a lot more initial recruits for those qualitative studies, more to really get you the feasibility you need to join that online community for your focus group, what people are doing. So I think that will not end in 2019. I think that’s only going to increase. 

[6:01] Baillie Buchanan: Yeah, I think the depth insights that we’re getting from online qual and the resurgence of kind of tech, to facilitate online qual has been so interesting to watch over the last couple of years. You know there was a time where it was, is qualitative dead? And like, is it going by the wayside and everything was quant. To see that resurgence is really nice to see. So thank you guys both so much for joining me today! It’s been great to get your perspectives. To anyone who is watching thank you for participating in watching we’d love to hear your comments, share a comment or twitter or whatever! Let us know what trends you guys are seeing and if you still buy into the three, or four pillars model of sample buying. We love hearing from you! Thanks so much!

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