Had a Sh*tty Project?

Sometimes projects just stink – but that’s OK!

For whatever the reason, there is always a project or two that lingers at the back of our minds as ones we would sooner forget than talk about again… but where’s the fun in that?

We’re wanting to hear all about those nasty, smelly projects that left you with a lump in your throat…

Why? Because it’s an opportunity to learn from the mistakes, it’s fun to vent and we want to hear about them for a potential new mini-series “Sh*tty Projects”!


Tell Us The Sh*t...

“Sh*tty Projects” is a pipeline idea that will only launch should we get enough interest from participants. All information can be given in confidence as nothing will get published anywhere without direct consent in the form of an email. Should you have any questions about “Sh*tty Projects” please feel free to email us at sayhi@researchforgood.com