We hope you will join us for this free, informative webinar. To register click here.

We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have agreed to join our upcoming webinar “Surveying For Insights, Innovations in Technology For Providing Deeper Insights Through Online Surveys” on Wednesday, June 20th at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST.

Presentation 1: Innovations in Marketing Choice Experimentation by Rob Reul – Isometrics Solutions

Discrete choice experiments are the first choice research tool in product development and marketing when defining and pricing a product or service. In the endeavor three essential discoveries are critical:

1. Attribute level interactions,

2. Subject variable distinctions,

3. Latent variables revealing clusters.

These deeper insights are now accessible thru an elegant web implementation. The Webinar will illustrate how a complicated conjoint study can be fielded with a short six-minute survey module (designed to minimize fatigue). Fielded in a web-based survey to 1,000 prospective customers, one effortlessly captures 100 hours of discrete choice preferences that fuel the critical discoveries leading to optimally-competitive service/product design and pricing.

Speaker Bio: Robert Reul Managing Director of Isometric Solutions LLC, an international market research boutique that specializes in customer intelligence research in business and consumer markets. Robert has more than twenty years of experience in quality management systems and performance improvement. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Business and Management Science and has been a practicing Six Sigma black belt since 1986. Robert is a tenured Quality System consultant, is a certified Quality System Lead Auditor, and a three-term Quality Award Sr. Examiner. Robert is the principal consultant at Quality System Architectures, LLC and is the founder of Isometric Solutions.

Isometric Solutions is an industry-leading research concern that provides worldwide research for firms seeking world-class standards. Isometric Solutions™ has optimized powerful methods of leveraging the Internet to gather and deliver satisfaction, loyalty, and preference intelligence.


Presentation 2:  Real-Time Survey Research Meets Big Data by John Dick – CivicScience 

In 2010, famed Harvard economist Stephen Ansolabehere wrote that one day, “So much data will be available on individuals that a pollster could forgo lengthy interviews and simply contact people [online] to ask, on a given subject: “What are you thinking right now?”” CivicScience believes that day has come. CivicScience CEO John Dick will be discussing how online crowd-sourcing, combined with advances in data mining technology, can enable researchers to rapidly survey consumers, while reducing respondent fatigue and related biases. John will show how these methods are being used to not only meet the standards of prevailing attitudinal research, at significantly reduced costs, but to facilitate new modes of measurement and predictive modeling only possible through large-scale, structured data mining.

Speaker Bio: John Dick is the Founder and CEO of CivicScience, based in Pittsburgh. Prior to starting CivicScience in 2007, John was the President of GSP Corp, a technology-based government services company he founded in 2001, which was eventually sold to Duane Morris Government Relations. John is a graduate of Rollins College and is a frequent guest lecturer at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and the Don Jones Center for Entrepreneurship. In 2012, he was a recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Award for Volunteerism and Public Service for his work in charitable causes.


Presentation 3:  Bringing Life to Open Ends by  Tim Hoskins – Quester

Based on an in-depth study, Quester will demonstrate how interactive probing can bring life to standard open ends.  This presentation will focus on the impact on word count, prevalence of themes, and interview length.  Key takeaways will include: “How to write a better open ended question”, “When and why is it important to probe”, and “What do panelist think”?

Speaker Bio: Tim Hoskins is the Vice President of Client Relations at Quester.  Since joining the company in March of 2011, Tim has focused on expanding Quester’s overall presence in the market research industry.  He has a passion for collaborating with clients and market research partners to improve their research and redefine actionable insights, through the use of Quester’s innovative technology and linguistic analysis.


We hope you will join us for this free, informative webinar on June 20th. To register click here.


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