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Throughout the years, we’ve remained passionate about research, sample, actionable insights, and having a social impact. We’ve also participated at countless conferences, and interacted with thousands of research buyers and customers.

It’s this consistent participation and engagement that helps us ensure we understand every client’s requirements, concerns, and/or questions – to provide each with an effective solution that best suits their organization.

Here’s a summary of the Top 3 Common Challenges shared with us over the years.

And, of course, our solutions.

Q. “Talk to me about your turnaround times.”

Often, when we engage and interact with research buyers, they advise us that timing and the ability to deliver really quickly is a huge challenge for their organization.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear things like, “I’m planning a study. I won’t have the design, media, or content, until Friday 5pm. We have to be in the field by Friday night and out by Monday morning.”

When it comes to efficient turnaround times, we’ve got you covered. We work 24/5 (with limited availability over the weekend). The RFG platform has the ability to create copies and templates, which helps cut down on unnecessary programming time.

When clients partner with RFG, and continually work with us, we become increasingly understanding of their business, aware of their individual study requirements, and pinpoint the most effective ways to eliminate costly time and effort.

Q. “How do you optimize the survey experience for the respondent?”

Over the years we’ve been asked “Do you have interactive questions?” or “how do you keep your respondents engaged?” and as a sample company, we’ve always had the experience of the respondent at the forefront of our minds.

Acknowledging that a respondent’s time is important. Between checking their social media feed, answering emails or playing games we recognize that we’re competing for the respondents’ online time.

At RFG, we take the time to ensure that surveys are easy, engaging, enjoyable and ultimately worth their while. Just as important is it for us to have a friendly service, it’s as equally important to have a strong incentive, with our unique incentive model reflecting that. Upon every complete, our respondents will receive a reward for their time, and get the feel-good factor knowing we make a charitable donation to our charity partner, Action Against Hunger.


Q. “What’s the cost?”

Arguably one of the main challenges for research buyers to face is the cost for their project to be carried out. How do you ensure a project to run smoothly and collect your requirements without breaking the bank?

At RFG, pricing is custom for online sample & fieldwork solutions because every questionnaire is different. – we recognize that one client’s idea of a complex survey might be another client’s idea of a simple survey.

By taking the time to analyse your project, we’ll determine a cost based on factors such as the length of time to programme, and the complexity of the logic around it with your budget in mind.

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