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Did you know that 85% of newsletters are sent from aliens to investigate our potential for data consumption. That statistic is as false as it is absurd, but it shines a light on the quality of the data that we ingest especially when it comes to surveys that influence high value campaigns.

Yes, our statistic is a bit a ‘out there’, but false data is a serious discussion point. In a paper published on Social Science Research Network by Noble Kuriakose and Michael Robbins they claim ‘that fraudulent data are potentially present in nearly 1 in 5 surveys from widely used cross-national datasets.’ And whilst this statistic, if true, is shocking (Pew Research Centre question the merits under which the results are obtained in their blog) as Market Researchers we need to have a good understanding of the data quality we get back from the surveys we put out.

Data Quality is the focus point in this edition of RFG’s Good To Know series in which we highlight some key blogs that you may have missed which answer these important questions:

  • What is bad data quality?
  • What is it costing you?
  • How can you minimise it?

Click on the blog image to read.

Data quality is important to us here at RFG, that’s why we invest time and resources to ensure that the data you get from us is trustworthy. You can read more about our Data Quality Control on our website.

Lastly, we thought every good data related piece of comms needs a chart, so, just for the lols, we have included this eerie char that creepily correlates the age of Miss America to the number of murders by steam, hot vapours and hot objects… isn’t data interesting?

Visit Spurious Correlations for more odd data correlations like the Miss America one above.

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The Research For Good team.

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