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The events of 2020 have changed how we think, act, and carry out our everyday lives, from daily routines, right down to our values. So now, as voters gear up to put their thoughts to paper in less than four weeks for the US Presidential Election, we wanted to find out if this year’s monumental moments have impacted their voting habits and if so, how. 

For our latest mini-study, we asked a sample of 1261 US respondents the following three questions:  

  1. Are you planning to vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election? 
  2. Has any of the given options majorly influenced your decision when voting in the upcoming 2020 presidential election? 
  3. How have events from 2020 (for example COVID-19, and Black Lives Matter) changed your voting habits this year?

For example, of the 1261 respondents asked, “Are you planning to vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election?” we found that 85.9% are intending to vote. Learn how males vs females compare in their voting attitudes this year, by downloading the full report below. 

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US Presidential Election:

How have 2020 events shaped voting habits?

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