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No matter how much you love your job, experiencing niggles in the office is an all too familiar feeling for some. Whether it’s Sandra from IT’s untidy desk, or Nick from sale’s persistence to never give you the pen he borrowed back, the list of nuisances could go on! 

Our newest mini-survey revealed the number one annoyance in the office and the top trait about our co-workers that gets us grinding our gears.

Interested to see if you can relate? Take a look at the results below…


It’s 5:25pm and you’re about to leave the office, the last thing you want is someone calling in favors, so it’s no surprise that the top nuisance for 42.5% of the office workers we asked was ‘Last minute requests before leaving the office”.

Interestingly coming in at third place, 1 in 4 respondents said that their coworkers are one of the most annoying things when working in an office, 9% higher than bosses! 


With 25% of respondents telling us that their coworkers is one of the things that annoys them in the office; we found out that 49% get frustrated because of “talking too much”. While “talking too loudly” closely follows at 46%. 

Found yourself contemplating coming into the office when you’re feeling under the weather? Stay at home! Over a third of respondents selected “coming in to work when they’re sick” as their biggest bugbear. 

Tell us what you think! What do you find is the most annoying thing about your office or coworkers? Let us know in the comments below!

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