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Black Friday; a day often compared to Marmite – you either love it or hate it. So, as shoppers are gearing up for a day of spending and deal hunting, we wanted to find out how age impacts their purchasing habits ahead of November 23rd.

To compare 4 age groups, we asked a total of 1,000 respondents (with a breakdown of 18-23, 24-36, 37-52, 53-72) the following questions;

  • Where do you shop for Black Friday?
  • How much do you typically spend on Black Friday?
  • What are you hoping to get a deal on this Black Friday?
  • Do you plan to buy for yourself or for others this Black Friday?

Get a sneak peek below of Gen Z’s Black Friday spending habits, and download our White Paper below to find out how they compare with Baby Boomers, or which of the 4 age groups will be spending the most this year.

Asking “How much do you typically spend on Black Friday deals?” we saw that 26.40% of 18-23-year-olds selected over $200.

“Treat yourself” is a motto 25.60% of Gen Z will be standing by on Black Friday as they plan to purchase something for themselves, whilst 9.2% are planning to buy for others.

You’ll find Gen Z in the electronics aisle on Black Friday, with 46.00% hoping to find deals on electronics goods, followed by 18.80% hoping to get deals on clothes.

How will Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials compare? Get the full report by downloading our White Paper!

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