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Research For Good is an online sample company with a mission to provide reliable, high-quality respondents for market research while at the same time ending childhood deaths from hunger and malnutrition globally.

How can we do both? For every complete you gather from Research For Good sample, we make a donation to feed a hungry child around the world.  Without sacrificing data quality, or expanding your sample budget, the work you are already doing can do more! Together we are saving lives.

We are exceptional at providing access to the right people for our clients research needs. Now, we turn the act of answering survey questions into an act of micro-volunteering. We believe this helps bolster the quality of our information while offering many advantages for our clients, our people, and the nonprofit we support.

We are built on a foundation of rock-solid data collection. We maintain a superior standard of excellence in data gathering to deliver research that leads to excellent market insights for your clients. We do it all within the parameters of your existing budget, and work to create a better world in the process.

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I appreciate the loyalty and commitment to AskingCanadians. We always feel the Love from your Team!

Roy Gonsalves


It is an honor to work with you guys…So much of what we do is unimportant.  Thank you for helping make it important!

Carolyn Gilbert

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We decided to pursue our passion for doing good within the research industry after witnessing the incredible impact that donations generated by a few surveys with charitable incentives could do in the nonprofit world! This initial experience sparked the idea to build Research For Good – a company that simultaneously provides GOOD research data, GOOD customer service & contributes to the greater GOOD.

Our philosophy is that our team is an extension of your team. We work when you work and we strive to always be available and responsive when you need us. We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from our customers and are constantly working to ensure that our relationship with each of our customers is one of true partnership. Thank you for considering working with us. Let’s do some good together!

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