Your research budget is stronger than you think.

Every complete you gather from Research For Good sample generates a donation to feed a hungry child around the world.  Without sacrificing data quality, or expanding your sample budget, the work you are already doing can do more! Together we are saving lives and working to end childhood deaths from starvation globally.


Research For Good is an online sampling company with a heart. By incorporating traditional online sample methods, social media respondents as well as charitable sample sources, we’ve developed a proprietary sample offering, Virtual Panel, which provides our research partners a one-stop source for the most attitudinally diverse sample pool available.

Additionally, in staying true to our core value of giving back, with every complete we’re making a donation to nonprofit organizations working to end hunger around the world.

Why work with Research For Good?

  • With every completed survey, a donation is generated to provide a child with a meal.
  • You’ll receive the high quality survey responses you rely on, and
  • Be able to deliver actionable and reliable insights to your clients

We are built on a foundation of rock-solid data collection. We maintain a superior standard of excellence in data gathering to deliver research that leads to excellent market insights for your clients. We do it all within the parameters of your existing budget, and work to create a better world in the process.

Convinced that doing good is the right thing? Contact us today and let’s do some good work together!


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Research For Good is an online sample company whose mission is to provide reliable, high-quality respondents for market research while at the same time supporting registered charities and nonprofits by making donations with every survey complete. Our company, founded by three colleagues with nearly 30 years of experience in the market research industry (plus a tech genius), grew from a shared passion for quality research & giving back. (Leadership Bios)

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Our Good Work

Research For Good helps your research budget to do good in the world, while providing reliable data for market insights.

One Complete = One Meal

Since 2014 we have committed all of our donations to one cause – ending childhood deaths from hunger and malnutrition. Every complete delivered by Research For Good generates food for a hungry child around the world.

Our original passion in creating Research For Good as a way to generate donations for nonprofit organizations through survey completions has never wavered.  Our mission to maximize the donations we can make to causes around the world, is core to everything we do and shapes every business decision we make.

Our Brand, Your Brand

By working with us, an organization whose fundamental brand identity is to be a good corporate citizen, it reflects your own organization’s commitment to the same. Choosing Research For Good as your online sample partner shows a commitment to doing good above and beyond the high-quality work you are already doing.

Quality Insights

Our commitment to high quality respondents to ensure delivery of actionable insights for your client is paramount and unwavering.  By coupling our dedication to doing good work, with doing good in the world, we’ve created a market research partner that you can really feel good about working with.

Contact us to learn more.

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We look forward to speaking with you!

Research For Good 

1752 NW Market St #203
Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: (425) 610-7294




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