Midterm Elections 2018. Who will be voting?

Midterm Elections 2018. Who will be voting?

With the midterm elections vastly approaching, we wanted to delve a little deeper into how generations differ in their views when it comes to voting. Based on a study across U.S.A with respondents from Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers, we asked the following;

  • Do you think it’s important to vote in elections?
  • Will you vote in midterm elections?
  • If available, which would be your preferred way to vote?
  • Does a lack of political trust affect your vote?

Below is a snapshot of what we found out, however be sure to download our [white paper] for our full results!

When asked “If available which would be your preferred way to vote?” we seen that across all generations it is in person that dominates over phone, mail, online and other.

Millennial Coffee Habits

In both men and women we seen that with older generations there is a higher percentage of those who think that it’s important to vote in elections. However, whilst this has decreased over time gradually for both genders, we found that Millennial women place less importance in voting over Generation Z women, and a much lower importance than Millennial males.

To find out if Millennials are voting in midterm elections, or if lack of political trust is affecting the votes of Baby Boomers as much as Gen Z, download our white paper in the form below. RFG is a sample and fieldwork solution and we’re ready to help with your next project. No matter the size or scope of your audience, we have hundreds of data points so that we can reach your audience a lot easier than what you might think!

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Charity Of The Year 2019 – Action Against Hunger

Charity Of The Year 2019 – Action Against Hunger

Thanks to everyone who voted in our Charity of The Year Initiative for 2019. It makes us happy to know that so many of you care about doing good in the world, just as much as we do!

With phase one complete and votes counted, we are delighted to announce that with nearly 50% of votes Action Against Hunger has been selected as Research For Good’s Charity of the Year 2019.

In 2019, every time that a respondent completes a survey through RFG we will make a charitable donation to the organisation in addition to their own personal reward.  

Not only are we super excited to support Action Against Hunger and their mission to end world hunger for another year, we also love that you want to keep supporting them too! With such a high number of voters opting for Action Against Hunger this means that there is no need to proceed onto phase 2 of the initiative, and that votes are now completely closed.

Ending world hunger is something we’re extremely passionate about at RFG. Here’s to another year of creating even more donations!

If you want to read more about our mission and 1-1 incentive model, check it out here.