Research For Good cares about your data security and we provide a multitude of checks and balances to meet your data quality needs.  Whenever you Program & Host a survey with RFG we can include the following suite of solutions to minimize survey fraud:


Minimum time to complete the questionnaire – the RFG platform detects the actual time that each respondent takes to complete the survey and compare it with the minimum defined length of interview. If the actual completion time is lower than the minimum threshold the RFG system will classify that respondent as “Speeder” and then disqualify the individual.

Minimum time to complete a question – the RFG platform detects the actual time that each respondent takes to complete selected grid questions and then compares that with client defined minimum thresholds (i.e. 2 min. for q15 and 1.5 min. for q23). If a respondent completes these questions faster than what has been defined they will be classified as “Speeder” and termed.

Straight liners

Grid Checks – the RFG platform can identify if a respondent is answering in a straight line on a grid question and if the respondent continues to answer in a straight line manner on follow up grid questions they will be classified as a “Straight liner” and termed.

Sound/Video Check for Media Surveys

The RFG platform includes a library of short videos that can be used to check the respondent’s computer sound & video capabilities. For example a short movie clip of a dog barking is shown to the respondent at the beginning of the survey and the following question is then posed to the respondent:

What did you just hear?

  • Cat meowing
  • Dog barking
  • Horse whinnying

If a respondent doesn’t select the right answer, they will be termed.

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